Saturday, 1 August 2015

Is This What We Always Talk About?

So sorry I didn't post yesterday, long story short this week has been hectic and I didn't have the time to read over this and schedule an posting.

So it was the Sunday after my double date with Jeremy, Tanner and Emery, I have been wanting to ask multiple times as to why Emery and Tanner decided to ditch us in the restaurant and I was just glad she didn’t leave us with the bill but I haven’t seen Emery since the date

Emery, Sutton and I decided to get brunch as all three of us had been busy with work this week, I hated when I didn’t get to see Emery and Sutton as much as I used too when we were all single and freshly out of college, well we also lived together back then but still I hated when I didn’t get to see them regularly.

“So Sutton did Emery tell you that her and Tanner ditched us at the restaurant the other night?” Sutton’s eyes went wide and she choked on her mimosa

“Oh come on Dri, it wasn’t that bad. You cannot tell me you didn’t enjoy spending the time getting to know Jeremy”

“Emery is right Dri, I know you. You would have had fun either way and come on Jeremy is gorgeous, I saw him that night at the bar and if I was single I would take him” Sutton grinned at me and I narrowed my eyes at both them. I hated that they were siding together on this.

“Yes but what about Spencer, Alec knew what you were doing that night at the bar Emery”

“Are you planning on telling Spencer that you are dating?” Sutton questioned and I was silent, I didn’t know how to answer.

Ever since Emery told me about the double it had been playing over and over in my head about how or if I would tell Spencer that I was dating. For now things seemed friendly with Jeremy and I didn’t see the point in telling Spencer what was happening, I didn’t want to hurt him over something that may or may not happen.

“I don’t know, for now probably not. Things are just friendly with Jeremy, he didn’t even try to kiss me when the date ended”

“Both him and Tanner seemed like true gentlemen to me, Sutton you should have seen them on this date. They pulled out chairs and Tanner paid for the whole bill” Emery pretended to swoon and Sutton frowned.

“God I miss those days with Alex” Sutton complained and I shared a look with Emery, we both thought Sutton was happy with Alex but this comment made us question it.

“I thought you loved Alex?” I questioned her and she took this time to skull the rest of her drink before asking the waitress for another

“I do but all that stuff he did at the start when we were dating is gone, he isn’t trying to win me over anymore. Yes he still randomly brings me flowers and presents but when we go out for dinner he just sits down and we’ve gotten so set in our ways we switch as to who pays for dinner” I didn’t know what to say to that and by the look on Emery’s face she didn’t either.

Emery had been single for a while, yes she dated but none of the guys wanted to be exclusive and from I heard she didn’t really care but my relationship with Spencer was different to Sutton and Alex. In fact when Spencer and I went out for dinner he always paid the bill, he said it was the right thing to do.

“Come on you two, don’t look like that. I wasn’t asking for advice I was just complaining” Sutton spoke and I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding.

“Sorry Sutton, we’ve just never heard you complain about your relationship with Alex, I mean come on I complained all the time about Spencer”

“I remember a time when she was complaining because she was worried about how he was going to fit” Emery gave me a smirk before taking a sip and I just stared at her, how the hell did she remember that, it didn’t take long for Sutton to laugh and join in with Emery while they resaid everything I’ve complained about in the past

“I can’t believe you two” I muttered into my hands while shaking my head.

“Oh come on, we never once made a comment to any of the boys or even Spencer that we knew what happened that night”

“Yes but Emery I believe Spencer may have told the boys, you did not hear the comments coming my way when I finally met his friends”

“They can’t be as bad as when we met Jess’ ex-boyfriend, remember how she was telling us that he was refusing to have sex with her and at that dinner we kept making all these sex related slip ups” Sutton’s comment made both Emery and I laugh, it was true. Jess was furious once the dinner was finished and she ended up lying and saying she wasn’t feeling well so the two of them could go home.

“How did we go from talking about my double date to discussing all of the bad things we have said about our ex-boyfriends in the past?” Emery and Sutton smirked at me.

“Adrianna, Adrianna, Adrianna” Sutton was shaking her head and I was not liking this.

“It wouldn’t be brunch if we weren’t bad talking the boys us or our friends have had sex with it” Emery winked at me and it was then I realised that our brunch topics normally consisted of this because we always had one too many mimosas.

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