Wednesday, 29 July 2015

First Dates

Tonight was the night I was meant to be going on that double with Jeremy, Emery and Jeremy’s friend Tanner. I had ended up getting Jeremy’s number from Emery after the night out and we have messaged back and forth since and the conversation was free flowing but now, with the idea of the date in my mind I was worried about how it was going to go.

I left my bathroom and found Emery sitting on my bed already ready for the date on her phone, most likely messaging Tanner. “Are you sure I can do this?” Emery looked up at me and let out a breath as she placed her phone on the bed

“Well you can but do you want to?”

“I’ve got no idea, don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed talking to Jeremy all week but I still love Spencer”

“I know Dri and I understand, come on what’s the worst that is going to happen? And if anything what’s wrong with having another friend, Jeremy doesn’t seem like the type of person to get annoyed if you turn around and say you aren’t ready for a relationship”

“Alright fine, but what am I going to wear?” Emery grinned before jumping and heading into my wardrobe returning moments later holding a black dress and silver pumps.

I raised an eyebrow knowing exactly what dress that was, it was Sutton’s and had been left here but she never asked for it back. The dress did fit but with Sutton being shorter than me, the dress was incredibly short on me.

“Seriously” but she just continued to grin at me

“Yeap, it looks hot on you and who cares if it’s a little short”

“A little short? I look like I’m trying on a kids dress” she scoffed before shoving the dress into my hands.

“As if, it’s not that short now get dressed we have to leave soon and you asked what to wear tonight” I hung my head and knew she right, I took my robe off and pulled the dress on before following her out of the apartment and climbed in the cab behind her.

When we entered the restaurant Jeremy and Tanner were already there waiting for us and they both stood up to greet us, I kissed Jeremy’s cheek before taking a seat beside him and I was surprised when he held my chair out for me before taking a seat beside me, even Emery gave me a look to say she was surprised at their manners as well.

Dinner went really well, I couldn’t believe at how easy it was for the four of us to have a conversation. We talked about various things, mostly work and what each of us did it turns out that both Jeremy and Tanner both work in finance like Emery just at a different company and that gave the three of them something else to talk about while I stayed silent.

“Oh I think we are boring Adrianna” Jeremy spoke with a small smile on his face when he realised how quiet I’ve been.

“No not at all, I work in a law firm and having nothing to with most of the finance cases since I don’t have a background in it, I just have no idea what you are all talking about” I easily returned his smile

Emery and Tanner had gotten up and headed towards the bar and Jeremy twisted in his seat to face me. “Yes?” I questioned with a smile

“Nothing, I just can’t believe how different you are to your friend”

“I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not” I pulled a face and he slightly shook his head with a smile and it was almost as if he was trying not to laugh at me

“It’s definitely a good thing, I’m not used to girls coming up to me like she did. It’s why those two are getting along so well, he is exactly the same”

“I can see that but yes Emery and I have different personalities, it’s why we get along so well. What about you and Tanner?”

“Frat brothers, we were actually out with other frat members that same night”

“Wait you were in a Frat?” I was a little shocked, from what I gathered about him so far I didn’t expect that.

“Weren’t you in a Sorority?” I laughed at him

“God no, I could not stand those girls but I did always attend the frat parties” I gave him a half smile as I took a sip of my almost empty drink wondering where Emery and Tanner had gotten too.

“Ah you were of those girls”

“Those girls? What would those girls be?”

“The ones that didn’t mind partying but also keep their mind on their grades, something tells me that you being a paralegal at the top law firm in the city is another sign that you did well but there is also a reason as to why you haven’t sat the LSATS”

“Wow did someone also study psychology” I pretended to be shocked

“Guilty” he grinned at me and shook his head as I felt my phone vibrate through my purse.

“Sorry” I spoke as I pulled my phone and noticed I had a message from Emery,

Sorry we ditched, we’ve paid the bill though. Have fun ;)

“So it looks like we’ve been ditched” I told Jeremy while putting my phone back in my purse

“Of course we have, did they at least pay the bill?”

“Emery said they did, what did you want do now?”

“Well it’s a nice night we could take a walk, or go somewhere for dessert?”

“How about we go for a walk first? I’m still full from dinner and the fresh air might help clear my head”

“Very well” Jeremy stood up and pulled my chair out, once again surprising me of his chivalry and we headed outside into the fresh air and I could already help it clear my head from my glasses on wine at dinner.

“So how did you get into finance, Emery said she always liked maths and money and it seemed like a good fit for her”

Jeremy laughed and it felt soothing on my ears, I gave him a smile. “Most people use that as their reason but no, it’s a family job. Don’t get me wrong there are moments when I wonder why I didn’t do something else but I love what I do. What about you?”

“My dad was a cop, I’ve seen on too many occasions him complain about how so and so criminal got off on technicalities”

“Ahh I see, but why haven’t you sat your LSATS?” I’m just glad he didn’t ask as to why I said ‘was’ instead of ‘is’

“That would be because I don’t know how I would go standing up in a court room, a paralegal still works with cases but I stay away from the clients. Sometimes the partners have too many cases on that they don’t actually do all of the work, it gets passed on to me and that’s what I love. I love being able to find the loop holes or the evidence to help the clients”

“I wouldn’t have picked you as someone to have stage fright”

“I don’t, there are moments I have being the centre of attention but most of the time I’m happy being in the background and not having the attention on me”

“But something tells me Emery is the complete opposite”

“Yes, she loves being the centre of attention and I let her take it from me, to a degree anyway”

We spent the rest of the night wandering the streets talking and getting to know each other before he walked me back to the apartment building and I was glad when all he did was kiss my cheek goodbye and not expect a proper kiss.

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