Thursday, 27 August 2015

Making New Friends

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday, I've been busy the last couple of days and it slipped my mind so I will post both today and tomorrow to make up for it.

My week is Boston was almost over and I was sad to leave and leave Lee behind, I did miss her when I was in the city and away from her but I had enjoyed my time out here and I was once again able to roam the city and take in the sights while Lee was in classes.

What surprised me about this trip was the friend I had made the first night we were out, one of Lee’s roommates, Ariana, had her cousin out visiting, from funnily enough New York as well, and we had spent the week keeping ourselves entertained.

Ariana’s cousin was named Damon and I couldn’t believe how well we got along, or maybe it was the fact we were both alone in a strange city together. Lee tried to ask what I thought of Damon but I would always brush it off claiming I wasn’t interested but I would have to be an idiot to recognise an incredibly good looking man when they were standing right in front of me.

Damon worked in PR at one of the bigger companies in New York and it happened to be the same one that Alex worked for and I was curious as to if the two knew each other but I didn’t question it, didn’t see the point unless our friendship continued once we both returned.

We were currently at a local bar having a couple of drinks on my last night in Boston and I was looking around to see if I could spot Sarah, I barely spent any time with her over the week since her schedule is so jam packed, she was constantly busy whether it was work or classes but instead I spotted Damon at the bar talking to some girl.

“Tell me again you aren’t interested in Damon” Lee whispered in my ear and I felt my face go red.

“I’m not”

“Bull, you so are. Would it be so wrong if something did happen? At least you both live in New York”

I shrugged at her before getting up and getting myself another drink, if Lee and Ariana were going to bug me all night about what I thought about Damon then I needed to be drunk for that conversation.

“What are you drinking?” I turned my head and found some complete stranger standing there and taking a good look at him I wouldn’t be surprised he was Lee’s age, I didn’t want a younger guy who was still in college, they’re too immature and it’s bad enough that sometimes when Alec, Alex and Spencer got together they were bad enough.

“I’m not interested” I spoke before turning back to get the bar tenders attention but I was being ignored for the blonde further down with her boobs out.

“What, I can’t buy a beautiful girl a drink?”

“Never said that, I said I’m not interested” I said sternly while narrowing my eyes at him

“Oh come on one drink won’t hurt you”

“I believe the lady said no” I looked over my shoulder at Damon and gave him a grateful smile, he walked over and placed himself in between me and the other guy.

I watched as the two said nothing but there was obviously something going on in their body language because eventually the stranger turned and left. Damon turned around and leaned against the bar giving me a smile.

“Thank you”

“It isn’t a problem but what are you drinking tonight?” he smirked at me, I rolled my eyes.

“Not you too”

“Oh come on, at least you know my name and what is wrong with buying a beautiful girl a drink” I felt my face go hot once again and I was just hoping it was the alcohol doing it to me

“Vodka cranberry” he grinned at me before flagging the bar tender down and requesting our drinks and I was annoyed at how easily he managed that.

“When is your flight home?”

“Tomorrow and yours?”

“The following day, we should catch up when we’re back in the city” Damon took a sip of his drink as he stepped closer to me so we could have a proper conversation

“Like a date?”

“Well preferably but not once have you answered my question about whether or not you are single” he replied and the smile slipped from my face. “Hey if you’re not single it’s fine, we can be friends and what is the harm in making new friends. I just thought if Lee and Ariana are friends chances are we might see more of each other and it would be less awkward if we hung out every now and in the city”

“No it’s fine, it’s extremely complicated but I am single”

He raised an eyebrow at me, “how complicated?”

I took a deep breathe, did I really want to scare him off this early or should I brush him off. “Complicated enough that one day either you or him will get hurt if something were to come out of this date”

He gave me one of his easy going smiles, “well then, if that is case how about we take things as they are and if something happens then we will worry about it but I’m also assuming that if anything does happen I will hear the whole story?”

“Maybe not the whole story but enough” I smirked at him while taking a sip and he shook his head before placing his hand on my waist to lead me back to the table where the rest of our group was sitting.

When we made back to table both Lee and Ariana looked between the two of us before grinning like Cheshire cats, I held in the groan I wanted to let out. I knew enough about Ariana to know just how similar her and Lee were and if Sarah wasn’t around those two would be best friends, I also knew that the two of them plus Sarah would now try and play match maker between Damon and myself.

I tried telling Lee I didn’t want her to get involved but she just turned around and said if I didn’t want anything with Damon I could lie and tell him I had a boyfriend but tonight I didn’t, I sucked it up and told him I was single giving the girls the green light to play whatever games they wanted, this wasn’t going to end well.


  1. Love this blog! I just wish Spencer could come back for good, or that they actually REALLY break up for good so Adriana can just move on. It's like Adrianna is putting her life on hold for a non-committment committment with Spencer. Yuck! haha

    Also, you have quite a few similar character names in your blog. Alex, Alec, Ariana, Adrianna. I feel like I get confused sometimes about who you're talking about when I read your blog because of that. lol

    1. Agree, although I am more for the "Spencer coming home" scenario.

    2. I'm glad you are both rooting for Spencer and I can assure Spencer will come eventually but it's just a matter of time.

      As for the similar name issue I have made a comment at the beginning of the next post asking for anyone else struggling with the issue and if they wanted me to fix the issue, if so I will do my best