Monday, 10 August 2015

Birthday Surprises

I was a little worried about what the girls had planned for tonight, normally when it came to everyone’s birthdays we did something on the Saturday night but for mine they insisted Friday night.

So here was I getting ready for something I had no idea about, I didn’t even know what to wear. How was I meant to dress for something when I didn’t know what they had planned?

I had already finished doing my hair and make-up and I was currently standing in the wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear but I just kept staring at everything not wanting to wearing it.

“Maybe we should stay in if you’re going to wear that” I stopped frozen at the sound of Spencer’s voice, I almost thought I was hearing things until I spun around and found him leaning against the doorframe with his usual cocky grin on his face and dear god have I missed that face.

I flashed him a smile before walking over and wrapping my arms around his neck, “What are you doing here?”

“Happy birthday baby” he gave me a smile before leaning down and softly pressing his lips against mine.

I tried to deepen the kiss but he pulled away and I pouted at him but all he did was hug me again.

“As much as I would much rather stay here with you right now we have plans so you should get dressed” Spencer pulled away and disappeared into the bedroom.

At seeing Spencer here I decided to pull out the red dress that he loved and slid it on before leaving and joining him in the bedroom.

“You flew all the way out here just for my birthday?” I questioned, I was a little unsure as to why he had his back to me but he turned around and had stunning bouquet of flowers in his hands but that just confused me more.

“I would say here have some flowers but I noticed someone already got you some” Spencer spoke but I shook my head at him.

“They aren’t from you?” I replied quietly.

“Dri when did the flowers turn up?”

“This morning, a delivery guy dropped them off and the card said happy birthday and I love you. I assumed they were from you but if you didn’t….” I trailed off realising what it meant, if they weren’t from Spencer they were from Nathan.

“It’ll be alright babe, I’m here. I will make sure nothing happens, come on grab your purse and we will toss the flowers on the way out” I nodded as he walked over and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

I didn’t know when Spencer was heading back to London, I assumed it would be on Sunday since he would have to be back at work on Monday which didn’t give us long. I wanted him here so I felt protected, it creeped me out that the flowers turned up and I was worried that Nathan had found me here.

The cab ride was silent, neither Spencer nor I were saying anything. I wasn’t speaking because I was scared and I assumed Spencer wasn’t speaking because he was mad and I just hoped he wasn’t mad at me for not realising the flowers were from him.

I looked over at him but he was too busy staring out the window watching the buildings and people as we passed by and as if he knew I was staring at him, he turned and looked at me giving me a small smile.

“I’m not mad at you Dri, you couldn’t have known they weren’t from me” with that he leaned over and softly kissed my head.

I hated that Spencer knew me so well, that he knew what I was thinking and wanted to ask without having to voice my concerns.

Before everything came out early in our relationship Spencer was regularly questioning what was going on in my head but I never voiced them, I was always too concerned about what he was going think about knowing the true me.

I had been able to hide my past for the most part, Spencer knew that me and my mother didn’t get along but he never pushed the issue. I don’t think he thought it was something as bad as what happened with Nathan.

I was still watching him but he had long turned back out the window, there were moments I missed him like crazy while he was in London but the small number of times he had come back and we had moments like these it seemed like it would be so easy for us to slip back into what we had before we broke up but I knew we needed to talk, we needed to talk properly about everything and it couldn’t end up with us having sex like it did before he left.

The cab pulled up and Spencer handed some money over to the drive before opening the door and getting out, I slid over and grabbed his out stretched hand finally have some idea as to what was the go tonight and I recognised my favourite restaurant, I assumed the girls had booked the back room for us all.

Spencer led us into the restaurant and when we entered I was shocked at who was standing there waiting for a table.

“Hi…” came out of his mouth and it was full of worry and concern

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  1. Who? Who? Who?

    I'm intrigued and waiting for the next post with bated breath!
    The Canadian.