Monday, 24 August 2015

Sister Bonding

It had been a month since my birthday, a month since any sort of communication from Nathan and if I was being honest I hoped it was a sign that he was dead and I know it’s cruel since his parents are such lovely people but he isn’t but then if again if anything happened to him I would have my mother on the phone letting me know exactly what happened.

It’s been a month since I’ve seen Spencer and yes it was hard when he left, harder than the previous time and we both put it down to the fact that he was here for a week instead of the couple days the first time.

Spencer and I were regularly talking, it was something that hasn’t changed in this whole time he has been gone which I was grateful for but the one thing that has changed is the regular standing delivery of flowers every week and this time I knew they were from Spencer for two reasons, one his name was on the card and two I actually checked with him instead of assuming.

When I asked him what the deal was with the flowers he said he was getting in early to prove how much I meant to him, I had hoped this was a sign of him coming home soon but sadly he still has no idea and everything is a mess in London.

“Dri!” my head snapped up at the sound of my sister’s voice, I was sitting in the airport waiting for her to pick me up. She had been stuck somewhere and was running late to pick me up, I told her I could have taken a cab but she insisted it wouldn’t take long but here I am 30 minutes later and she only just turned up.

“About time Lee, you said five minutes”

“I know, I know I’m sorry I really am but there was an issue at work and I had to go take care of it since the manager is away. I mean come on who takes off and leaves the college student who works three times a week in charge? I’ve got no idea what I’m doing” I rolled my eyes at her comment while we headed out to the car

“Don’t be stupid Lee, you are incredibly smart and if you didn’t know what you were doing you wouldn’t have been left in charge. Have you heard from mother dearest?” we had made it to her car and her hand hesitated at my question, I watched her carefully.

“No, well not recently anyway. She wanted me to come out for my birthday but as always I’m just glad the new semester has started” I gave her a smile before we walked around and climbed into the car.

I was incredibly proud of Lee, she was graduating early because of these summer classes she kept taking in hopes of mother not forcing her home for the summer and it worked mainly because Lee wanted to be a surgeon. Our mother hoped that if she let Lee stay at college and breeze through at her own pace Lee would be able to take care of our mother and give her life she wants but I knew it wouldn’t happen because I wouldn’t let it happen and I don’t think Lee would either.

“I really am proud of you Lee, for making it this far and actually accomplishing your dreams and not letting our fucked up family ruin that for you”

“Like you?” she smirked at me and I glared at her in return, she was the only one pushing me to rethink Law school

Most people let it go when they realised I didn’t want to talk about why I didn’t want to take it but Lee, Lee pushed it every chance she got. There were moments I hated her for and the moments leading up to the exam I would always consider it but I could never go through with it.

“Dri I get it, stop looking at me like that. I’m not thrilled about sitting my exam either but you know dad would want you to do this, I remember the day you told him you wanted to go to law school” she grinned at me, remembering the day for more than one reason.

“Because dad was proud about my decision or mother’s reaction?”

“Both I guess, come on Dri dad was so happy that you decided to do that and who cares what mother thinks, do you think I care that she wasn’t thrilled when I told I was coming out here for school?” I looked at her, she was right.

Mother hated that Lee was in Boston studying instead of staying close to home, I was close enough that mother could make the trip into the city to bug me if she wanted to but not close enough that she would do it regularly.

“I know Lee, is Stanford still your dream?” I looked at her and this massive smile appeared on her face, okay now I was missing something. “Tell me!” I exclaimed while twisting in my seat to look at her better.

“Alright so someone from Stanford came out to do a talk with all the senior pre-med students, I stayed back to ask some questions, you know the general entry requirements and what not but apparently my professors had sent over student information about the top students and I was on that list and hopefully and I mean hopefully as long as my grades stay up this year and I get glowing recommendations from my volunteer work then hopefully I will get a full ride, meaning no more relying on mother” I stared at her in shock, I couldn’t believe this!

“This is incredible! I’m so proud of you Lee, I can’t believe this and I’m so happy for you. Dad would be so proud of you”

“I hope so, everything I do I hope dad is proud of me”

“Lee you know he will be, he will proud of everything you’ve done” Lee had turned off the car and looked at me and I could see her eyes pooling with tears, I hated that my baby sister was crying like this. “Lee I know he’s gone but I’m proud of you as well, no matter what mother says you shouldn’t let it get to you like that” I watched as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Thanks Dri, come on let’s go inside. I’m not too sure who is and isn’t home, we’re all still getting used to everyone’s schedules”

“Its fine, I haven’t seen Sarah in forever”

Sarah was Lee’s best friend from back home and the two of have been inseparable, not even college could tear them apart. The two of them were renting a house not from their campus with a couple of other girls that they were sharing classes with or made friends through other people and I was glad Lee was able to make friends out here.

“How is everyone for you?”

“Emery and Sutton are fine, they both wish you a happy birthday and wished they could have come out as well but work for Sutton at the moment is insane because of fashion week and her bosses being out of the country and Emery’s is just as bad with the new branch opening in London”

“Speaking of London, how is Spencer?” I ignored Lee’s question and proceeded to give her silence as we entered the house.

I had been here enough times to know where I was staying, I took my bag upstairs and laid back on the bed placing my hands over my face. I heard the door open and I lifted my hand to find Lee poking her head in.

“Why don’t you want to speak about Spencer? You two not speaking anymore?”

“No it’s not that, it’s just so hard with him being gone. I miss him so much and he still has no clue when he’s returning, I swear just this last week whenever we’ve spoken he’s been at the office it’s like he’s working overtime to come home quicker” my speaking had given Lee the green light to join me on the bed and we both ended up laying side by side.

“What about your concerns over him breaking up with you again?”

“I don’t want to talk about this Lee. What’s the plan for while I’m here?”

Lee watched me for a moment and for a moment I thought she was going to push the Spencer topic. “If you’re up for it we were planning on going out tonight, dinner and drinks, is that cool with you?”

“Yeah that’s fine with me. It’s your birthday so whatever you want to do I’m up for it and speaking of birthday’s I have your present and even though your birthday is tomorrow I think you will enjoy your present tonight” I grinned at her before getting up and opening my suitcase to hand over the present I had packed.

I couldn’t help but laugh at Lee’s excitement as she grabbed the present and tore open the box and the squeal of delight that came from her when she spotted the shoes was enough to make my day.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over these are beautiful and I will defiantly wear them tonight” she threw her arms around my neck and I hugged her back.

“I’m glad you like them, I was out shopping with Emery and Sutton the other week and I spotted them and I planned on getting them for myself but they didn’t have my size, they had yours instead and I knew it was meant to be”

“They are perfect, what about Emery and Sutton?”

“They shipped theirs, I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase” her face fell for a second before she perked up again, realising what this meant.

But the only reason their present wouldn’t fit in my suitcase was because they had bought her a decent luggage set, it would go hand in hand with the flights Spencer had given me.

“It’s fine, I’m sure it will turn up during the week”

“I’m sure they will, listen I have one more present for you. It’s from Spencer and it’s really a present for both of us” I pulled out the enveloped that Spencer had given me a month ago and gave it to her.

I watched as Lee opened it and pulled out the print out of the tickets and her jaw dropped in shock, “No way, I can’t accept this”

“I couldn’t either Lee but Spencer gave me no choice, you and I both know it means a lot to us.”

“Hand me your phone” Lee held out her hand with a stern look on her face and I knew then and there that Spencer was in for it and couldn’t help but laugh.

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