Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bad Timing

My stomach dropped knowing it was Spencer calling me, I was an idiot to believe that Alec wouldn’t call Spencer but did I expect Spencer to call me straight away? I had no idea what I expected from Spencer in regards to this.

“Hello” I answered the phone trying to not sound worried or anything of the like.

“Oh I’m actually surprised you answered, you know I just received an interesting phone call from Alec. He said you had brought some stranger up into my apartment and you were planning on having sex with him in my bed! What the hell Dri, I know we both agreed this break up would be easier for both of us but come I thought I would at least be told when you were dating someone else, I would have told you! But no I guess I don’t deserve the respect, I let you move into my apartment so you would be safe but now after this lack of respect I don’t know…”

“Woah, Spence calm down and hear me out because Alec sure as hell didn’t” I cut him off not wanting to hear him yell and accuse me of anything anymore.

“Fine…” he grumbled and I knew he wasn’t happy but I was just glad he hadn’t hang up on me.

“Yes I had a guy in the apartment and no we didn’t have sex, the restaurant kicked us because we finished our meals. The guy picked a restaurant that rushes people, afterwards it was too cold to walk around since the weather suddenly changed and I wasn’t dressed for it so he walked back to the apartment and I invited him up not even realising that it came across as me inviting him up to have sex. He turned around and said he didn’t want too and I told him that wasn’t what I meant. At some point Alec turned up and accused me of everything you just said but wouldn’t hear me out. Spence we didn’t have sex, we just talked and drank I promise you”

“So what you weren’t planning on telling me at all?”

“Spence I’ve only been on three dates with guy and for all I know he’s going to disappear now since I had to tell him about you because Alec mentioned you”

“Oh….” Spencer was silent for a moment before he laughed. “I’m going to kill Alec, Dri I’m so sorry”

“It’s fine, I meant what I said I would tell you if anything happened I just figured three dates wasn’t enough. I’ve seen Emery go on her dates and it was normally between dates three and five where she worked out if she wanted to keep going or they worked out if they did or not”

“It’s fine I understand, it’s just the way Alec was talking about it. He said you picked him up a bar…”

“Oh god why is Alec lying, well yes technically I met him at a bar but I didn’t introduce myself. He was there with a friend and Emery went over there to introduce herself, I have no idea what she said but she came back with his number for me and the first date was a double date”

“So in other words Emery is forcing you out on dates?” I let out a sigh and leaned back on the bed, did I really want to talk about this with Spencer? I didn’t want to hurt him. “Dri we can talk about this? If one of us does move on I still want us to be friends”

“I hate that you know me so well” I grumbled in response but Spencer just laughed

“No you don’t but I’m really sorry about Alec and ruining your date”

“It’s fine, any particular reason Alec seems to butting in on my life. Don’t get me wrong I like Alec and he’s your best friend….wait don’t tell me you told him to keep checking up on me?”


“You did didn’t you! And then when he told you about how I was maybe going on a date you told him to crash it”


“What?” I snapped at him

“Just calm down, we will crash and burn again if we continue to go like this” silence filled both of us as I took in what he said.

He was right, this is what happened last time he had moved away because of work. We were constantly arguing and this, what was happening right now was just the beginning.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. But Alec”

“I know and I will talk to him but I did not tell him to crash your date, I had no idea until he rang me but I did ask him to check up on you. I was worried that Nathan was going to turn up randomly”

“Nathan doesn’t know I’m here, you made sure of that” I could hear Spencer let out a sigh through the phone, I could tell he was still worried.

There was only 10 days left of the temporary restraining order and so far nothing has happened except for security thinking they had spotted him outside the building and when the cops turned up he was always gone.

“I just want you to be safe Dri”

“I know Spence and I’m grateful for what you are doing for me, letting me stay here even if it does mean I may bring guys back here at one point”

“I know and I hate that idea but if it means you are safe I will deal. What are your plans for your birthday?” I groaned at the idea of my 25th birthday, which just so happened to be in 11 days and the idea of that made me wonder what exactly Nathan had planned.

“I think the girls are planning something, they said I couldn’t turn 25 and not celebrate it” I grumbled my response but Spencer just laughed.

“Hey 25 isn’t that bad”

“Says the guy who is almost 30”

“Your right, I need a younger model”

“I’m hurt Spence”

“No you aren’t, anyway I have to get some sleep. Again I’m sorry about Alec”

“It’s fine, goodnight Spence”

Spencer said goodbye before hanging up and I fell asleep not long after trying to push away my concerns about Nathan.


  1. Just some constructive criticism-- unsure if you are rushing when you write the posts, but they can be hard to read through sometimes because of the lack of periods at the end of sentences, long run-on sentences, and missing words (example: "Alec seems to butting in on my life"). I know I'm not perfect myself, but I think proof reading the posts would definitely improve the blog. I really do enjoy the story line though, and will keep reading :)

    1. Agreed! I really like the story line, but the lack of punctuation makes it a little hard to follow at times.

    2. Thank you both for the feedback, I do know that my punctuation is my weakest area when coming to writing. It is something I am working, as for the missing words in this post I unfortunately didn't get the chance to do a final read of this post before it was posted so I am sorry about that.

    3. YES. Thank you. I only just found this blog today and I've been reading to catch up and was planning on mentioning this if nobody else had. I have a very hard time reading through these posts due to the lack or incorrect use of punctuations.

  2. GAH! Jeremy is a nice enough guy, but I want Spencer to come back. He and Dri seem to mesh so well. Just saying.

    1. I'm glad you like Spencer

    2. I totally agree!! Love Spencer - bring him back! ;)