Friday, 7 August 2015

One Person Can Change Everything (Spencer POV)

I knew I should have realised the trouble I was getting myself into the day Emery walked into my office to introduce herself but instead all I could think about was the hot girl standing there instead.

I should have known better, I should have known that inter office dating wouldn’t work but yet I flirted with her and tried to convince her to go out on a date with me.

It wasn’t until she finally turned around and said what I should have realised, she wasn’t into inter office dating and she didn’t want to put her job in jeopardy. I respected her wishes and after that we got along just fine as friends.

A few weeks later Emery was in my office again, actually with a suggestion. At first I was a little unsure about it but after much convincing on her end I agreed, I agreed on the blind date with one of her best friends.

I didn’t realise at the time but agreeing to go on that blind date changed my world. I didn’t expect to enter the restaurant and see someone who was so beautiful sitting there nervously waiting for me.

“Adrianna?” I questioned as I approached the table, she looked up at me and she smiled. Her smile lit up the room and it was something as simple as that that changed her demeanour, she was no longer nervous.

God I even remember the moment I fell in love with her, it was the middle of spring and it had been raining nonstop for days. I had turned up at her apartment in order to surprise her but when I knocked there was no answer, assuming she was with the girls I turned and left to go home but I found her standing in the hall soaking wet with a massive smile on her face.

It didn’t matter if she was freezing cold from the rain, she looked adorable like that and her reason for running in the rain did it for me.

“I run rain or shine, it helps clear my head when I’m stressed or worried about something” she started off with a smile on her face but towards the end of her sentence it disappeared and her nervous behaviour came out, she had a habit of chewing her lip or the inside of her cheek when she was nervous.

“What has you worried this time round?” I questioned, she hung her head and softly spoke.

“How fast I’m falling for you”

I didn’t say anything in reply instead, I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me before kissing her hard. At that point in time I didn’t care if the water was soaking through my clothes, all that mattered in this point in time was that I had fallen for this incredibly beautiful girl inside and out and it seemed like she was the same.

It wasn’t until a few months into us dating that I realised that the girl I had fallen for had a troubled past, I knew her and her mother didn’t get along but she wouldn’t never tell me why and I just hoped it was something she would fill me in on if we lasted long enough. But one day I had come home from work and entered her apartment to find her and her mother in the middle of a screaming match.

I stood there completely shocked, not knowing what to say or do. Instead I had to stand there and listen to everything and not be able to make sense of it.

Her mother was blaming Dri for the death of her father, which shocked me since I didn’t know he was dead. While Dri was yelling she was in denial and then someone called Nathan was brought into the mix, it was at that point that Dri had changed, she became furious.

Dri yelled at her mother requesting that she left and when she didn’t Dri picked the vase by her hand and threw it at the wall.

Her mother left and it left Dri and I alone in the apartment, Dri made her way over to the couch while I went to her kitchen and grabbed her a bottle of wine and a glass before joining her on the couch.

It was in that moment that I learnt about Nathan and how her dad had died, I couldn’t believe this. The strong beautiful girl who I’m normally looking at now looked broken and scared after telling me everything, I didn’t know what to say, all I did was wrap my arms around her and tell her I was going to be here and I wasn’t going anywhere…

Thinking back now, I made that mistake. I left her when things got tough, a letter turned up from Nathan and she broke all over again. She stopped letting me in and was spending more time with Emery and Sutton instead of me and I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t stand watching her break down in front of me and she wouldn’t tell me what was going on in her head.

It was in that moment I came up with the stupid idea I regret so much that we should have gone on a break, I thought that maybe if I gave her space she would be able to spend time with the girls and not have to worry about my feelings, she would be able to speak openly with them and hopefully move past whatever was bothering her.

But it was in that moment when I saw her standing there outside the bar not long before I left for London looking scared and nervous about something that I found out more about what happened with Nathan and I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe she kept that part of information from me.

I ran a hand threw my hair wondering if there was some way to fix everything between Dri and I, I knew at the moment we seemed fine but we both agreed that being apart was better for us instead of being together while I was in London but I knew as soon as I was back in the city with her things would be different.

I closed the ring box and put it back in the draw before standing up and grabbing my bags, I knew Dri wasn’t quite ready for marriage but I saw the ring and I knew it was right for her and I had to buy it. I may have left a lot of my belongings in the apartment when I moved out but this was something I couldn’t leave, no, I knew Dri would find it without a doubt and it would open a can of worms I wasn’t ready for.


  1. Such a great perspective! I like reading about Spencer's point of view. And my heart stopped when I read about the ring! Great post
    -The Canadian

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it and the shock of the ring!

  2. OOOOO... a ring!! I didn't expect that! Great POV.

    1. I like surprising my readers so thank you