Monday, 31 August 2015

Everything Always Comes Out In The End

“Lee calm down” I spoke into my phone as I walked down the street heading back to the apartment, I still couldn’t get into the habit of saying mine because technically it wasn’t.

“I’m sorry but come on you two have been on three dates and Ariana and I are very excited” I rolled my eyes at her comment before letting her continue to babble on about whatever it was she wanted to get out of her system.

It was true, I had been on another two dates with Damon since the girls night where they found out about him and so far the guys hadn’t found out about him so I was grateful. It meant I could still tell Spencer about him when I wanted to and felt ready.

I finally managed to get Lee off the phone as I opened the apartment door and I collapsed straight onto the couch, work has been insane. Everyone is working crazy hours and the only reason I left early was because I kept falling asleep while Harvey was trying to talk, he gave up at that point and said I wasn’t exactly useful while I was asleep.

Just as I was about to fall asleep my phone went off alerting me, I made a groan before rolling over and grabbing the phone and a smile appeared at seeing that the message was from Damon but it quickly disappeared.

Are we still on for tonight?

I completely forgot about our date tonight, I felt incredibly bad and I honestly didn’t feel up to much tonight.

I feel like the biggest idiot but I honestly forgot and in all honestly I’m not up for leaving the apartment.

I stared at the screen waiting to see what his reply would be, if he would be fine with a raincheck or pressure me into actually leaving, it would be a defining moment for us.

It’s fine, you told me at the beginning of the week how busy you’ve been. I can always come to you with pizza, I want to see you.

I didn’t reply at first, I sat up and looked around, the place was clean enough but considering everything about this I was unsure of what to do. I did want to see him and the fact that he was offering to come to me with pizza was enough to make my heart jump at the idea.

I ended up saying sure and giving him the address and his reply was wow nice area, god this was going to take some explaining if he asked.

After that I quickly sent Alec a message telling him I had some of the associates over for pizza so we could go over files knowing he wouldn’t turn up or even question if it was a lie or not. I didn’t want to have a repeat of the whole Jeremy incident.

20 minutes later there was a knock on the door, I quickly got up and let Damon in amazed by how good he looked in a casual outfit like jeans and t-shirt. “Mhmm, maybe I should have mentioned a night at home much earlier than this if that’s what you would have worn” Damon spoke as he stepped forward to give me a hug and kiss my cheek and I was grateful I could hide the blush.

I had gotten changed out of my work clothes and just threw on a pair of yoga pants and a loose fitting t-shirt but I did touch up my make-up and throw my hair up into a messy bun.

“I’ll take that as a compliment so thank you, come on I’ll grab us some plates and something to drink” I went to grab the pizza from him but he moved it out of my reach and motioned for me to move first.

I shook my head but led him out of the hallway and into the kitchen and I wasn’t surprised when I heard his footsteps stop, I turned around and found him standing there taking in the open living and kitchen and the big windows that took up one of the living room walls.

“What?” I questioned hoping to pull him back to me, he quickly shook his head before rushing to over where I was standing and placing the pizza on the counter.

“Now I feel like an idiot because I didn’t ask what type of pizza you wanted but I remember how you only ordered chicken when we went out for dinner so I stuck with a chicken pizza” I looked up at him pulling my gaze from the fridge and gave him a smile, I didn’t think he spent much time noticing what I was ordering because most people would have questioned why I never ordered anything apart from chicken.

Most people think I’m weird once I begin to explain that I do not like the taste of red meat, yes sometimes I will eat a burger when I’m drunk or hungover but that is usually where the red meat stops. I usually stick to chicken and turkey but since most places don’t have turkey on their menus unless it’s a lunch menu I’m limited in options, this is also when people say vegetarian options or even seafood but seafood looks weird to me and eating vegetarian foods helps emphasis what people already think, one step away from being a vegetarian.

“Thank you, I can’t believe you remembered that” I grabbed two cans of soda before handing him one and making my way over to take a seat beside him.

“Well it’s kind of hard not to when all you order is chicken, now this apartment” I choked on my drink, he looked at me with worry.

“What about it?” I was finally able to speak and he still looked worried about my reaction.

“This is a really nice apartment in a really nice building in a really nice area”

“You said really nice three times there, what is the point?” I didn’t mean for it to come out like it did, I just didn’t know where he was going with it.

“Nothing, I was just saying. It’s a hell of a lot nicer than mine” he gave me a smile and the tension finally went away and we settled into a comfortable silence while we continued to eat and I couldn’t help but notice the feeling I got every time my leg brushed his and hell there was clothing preventing our skin from touching.

We had finished eating and made our way over to the couch to watch a movie on Netflix and I was leaning against him while he had an arm wrapped around my shoulder, I was happy with this, completely content with how things were going.

“You know I have this ex-girlfriend, we dated in college for a while but she ended up cheating on me with my dorm mate and after I broke up with her she had this idea in her head that I wasn’t happy without her, she ended up making an appearance at every social outing me and my friends had organised” I wanted to look up at him, to read his expression and find out why he was telling me this but I couldn’t, it would ruin the moment but maybe it was already ruined.

“How did you manage to get rid of her?” I questioned figuring it was an appropriate response

“It took some time and a couple of first dates until she finally realised I was happy without her”

I finally pulled away from him and looked at him but he looked calm and he was watching the T.V for a second before he looked at me. “Why are you telling me this?” I questioned and he let out a sigh before shoving his hand through his hair.

“Because everyone comes with baggage and ex’s Dri, I really like you and I really want this to go somewhere but there is a part of me that thinks for that happen I need to know what is so complicated about you”

I pulled away completely and settled in at the other end of the couch to face him, I agreed with him, I wanted this to go somewhere, I was happy with him and things were easy but up until this moment he never asked about my complication that I mentioned back in Boston.

“I can’t tell you everything because everything would involve so much that I’m not ready to tell you but I will tell you what I’m willing to?” he nodded at my question and I was silent for a moment before continuing.

“So long story short we broke up because his company sent him to London for work, most people would stick it out and do the long distance thing but we’ve done it before and it almost ruined us. So this time we decided to break up and see what happens”

“So what you two break up, get laid here and there and then in a week or two when he returns you’ll get back together?” I didn’t like the venom in his voice but I let it go.

“Not exactly, he’s been gone for a couple of months now, he doesn’t know when he is coming back since the couple of times I’ve asked how work is going he just says it’s a mess. If he did come back next week I wouldn’t push you away for him, I want to see where this goes but you have to be warned that he is still there and still around, we have the same friends so he won’t disappear”

“So even though you are I’m assuming in love with another guy you are going to see what happens with me? Is that what you meant by how one of us is going to get hurt in the end?” Damon had gripped my feet and pulled me so I was lying down and he hovered above me.

“Exactly, I wish no one would get hurt and that would be the ideal situation but we don’t always get what we want. I want to try this with you Damon but I want you to be prepared for what could happen in the future”

“Thank you for telling me” Damon spoke softly before leaning to kiss me and I wrapped my arms around his neck and when his lips left mine and trailed down my neck I realised something.

“Wait, there’s one more thing”

“What’s that?” he questioned not removing his lips from my neck and my breathing had increased, and I was slowly losing my focus on the topic at hand.

“This apartment, it isn’t mine, it’s his. I have my own but as for why I’m living here instead, I can’t tell you it’s a part of me I’m not willing to tell you yet” his lips stopped kissing me at the mention of this apartment not being mine and I was worried I let too much out.

“He’s a trust fund kid isn’t he?” was all he said, nothing about what I’m not willing to tell him. I laughed and he lifted his head to look at me and he had a smirk on his face, all I could do was nod because it was the truth, Spencer came from money. Generations’ old money, just think Gossip Girl money and more specifically something between a Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald type money.

“Fucking trust fund kids always get the hot girls” was all said before leaning down and placing his lips back against my neck making me forget about the uneasy feeling about him complaining about trust fund kids…


  1. Ick. Red flags. Everything about this post felt wrong. Then again, I am not the type who can admit to loving someone and also wanting to date someone else at the same time, so that mindset eludes me. Dri needs to either fully and openly break up and fully get over Spencer before she dates someone else, so stop messing around behind his back. (Just my opinion, anyway.). Lying to Alec like that so Spencer doesn;t find out? Kinda shady. Add to it, Damon rubbed me the wrong way in this post somehow. Not feeling him at all.

    1. Agree 10000000000000000000000000%!!

    2. This is going to blow up and be bad. Alex and Damon work for the same firm. It's going to get sticky. I agree with Sara and HeadkelsOh on this one. There is something not right here.

    3. I agree with all of you, something rubbed me the wrong way about Damon too. Forgot he works with Alex also. Curious to see how this goes.
      Oh and I don't like red meat either! :)

    4. I like seeing everyone's opinion on Damon and the new relationship but remember there is a method to my madness.

      Juliette would you believe that you are the first person I've come across that is the same?