Friday, 28 August 2015

Going Behind Backs

I've had someone mention the similarities between names of a couple of my characters and someone else agree with them and I was wondering if everyone else was having the same problem. For me it wasn't something I realised until after I started posting since I've got friends with very similar and also having to work with a girl with a name sounding very similar to my own it is something I'm used too. If a lot of people are getting confused with the similar I will be more than happy to fix it and change a couple of the names if needed, so please let me what you think!

My phone was ringing and I ignored it, I knew I was late. I had plans with the girls to go over and have pizza and wine at Emery’s place, I knew they would be taking it in turns to ring me asking where I was but I over slept and was late to work and in turn had to stay late.

I was finally finished getting changed and I quickly grabbed my bag before leaving the apartment and heading down to grab a cab to head over to Sutton’s.

When I finally made it to Sutton’s I wasn’t at all surprised to see that they had already started without me but I pretended to be hurt and pout at them, “couldn’t even wait for me?”

“Well if you had turned up on time, an hour ago, like we organised then yes we would have waited for you” Emery spoke into her glass and I shot her a look, she didn’t really care and if Spencer was here I wouldn’t hear the end of because I knew what they all would have been thinking.

“Sorry, I really am. I was up late last night and over slept and in turn was late to work so I had to stay back to make up for it” I apologised as I walked over and took a seat on the couch while grabbing a slice of pizza and a glass of wine.

“It’s fine, why were you up so late last night anyway?” Belle questioned and I couldn’t help but see the look that Emery and Sutton shared, I was a little scared about what they knew.

“Well if you must know our dear friend Dri here went on a date”

“With a boy she found all on her own”

“We’re very proud of her” Emery and Sutton spoke one after the other and with each sentence I grew more and more shocked and my jaw was wide open.

It was true, I went on that date with Damon last night and it wasn’t originally meant to be a late night but we both lost track of time, but hearing those two talk about it made me wonder how they knew and then I realised who.

“You spoke to Lee!” I shot at them sounding angrier then I thought I was and they both looked guilty.

I had been back from Boston a couple of days shy of two weeks and Damon was the only thing I hadn’t told them about my trip to Boston, I wanted to be the one to tell Spencer this time around when I was ready. I trusted the girls, I truly did but sometimes Sutton would get excited and tell Alex information or Emery would over share something at work and then Spencer finds out.

“Well she rang us to thank us for her birthday present and she then proceeded to ask us if you had spoken to Damon but yet we had no idea who Damon was” I let out a sigh once Sutton finished talking, it was an innocent mistake.

I threw the crust on the plate and rested my hand back placing my hands over my face, I didn’t know what to expect now but it also made me wonder if tonight was all planned for this purpose.

“I think I’m missing something here, Dri why didn’t you want us to know?” I lifted my hands and my head and looked at Belle, she looked a little hurt and confused and I hated that I was making her feel that way.

“It’s not personal Belle, the last time I went on a date someone told Spencer and it then led to the two of us almost having a full blown screaming match on the phone. I wanted to see what happens between Damon and myself before I told you all because I wanted to be the one to tell Spencer”

“How did Spencer find out?”

“Alec told him” Emery replied to Belle before I even had the chance and Belle looked at me with sympathy.

“So don’t let Alec find out this time” Belle spoke and I just wished it was that easy.

“I don’t think it’s that, last time I don’t think Alec understood the agreements that Spencer and I came too but now, I don’t know” I explained, I was still unsure as to what Alec knew but Spencer was something the two of us didn’t like talking about because we both missed him.

“Alec is still Spencer’s best friend Belle, Alec will do everything to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Alec and Dri might get along but Spencer will always come first”

“Emery is right Belle” I spoke agreeing with Emery but Belle just shrugged before grabbing her glass.

I knew Belle was just trying to be helpful but it’s hard when she’s not always involved in our group, of lately it’s just been Emery, Sutton, Alex, Alec and myself since Spencer isn’t here. Even before Spencer left it was always the six of us doing things and every now and then we would remember to pass the invite to the rest of our friends.

The rest of the night went by with ease and no one mentioned Damon or Spencer again but I knew the truth, I knew Belle wouldn’t ask until a moment he was brought up without so much tension and the girls would continue to bug me constantly in our group chat for the next week until I gave up and gave in some information about him or even organised a meet between the three of them.

Belle had already gotten in a cab to go home for the night and Sutton and I had walked around the corner to the closest Starbucks to sober up and talk. Sutton was the easier to talk to about this whole thing with Spencer since Alex travelled for work every now and then because he worked in PR, mostly with athletes which the other guys enjoyed immensely.

“What is Damon like?” Sutton questioned finally breaking the silence and I couldn’t help the smile that appeared on my face. “Aw you like him” Sutton teased and my face went red.

“Looks or personality?” I questioned

“Start with looks”

“He’s like the complete opposite of Spencer”

“So he’s got paler skin, dark hair and either blue or brown eyes?” Sutton smirked, she knew that Spencer was my type of guy, the sandy blonde hair and green eyes all finished off with a toned body and an olive complexion was exactly what all my ex’s looked like, to a degree anyway.

“Exactly but my god is he handsome” I grinned at her and she smiled back.

“What about his personality? I really don’t want you getting hurt in this, I know both you and Spencer agreed on this but I don’t want you to lose Spencer over this”

I was silent for a moment contemplating what she said, I honestly didn’t know how I would lose Spencer over this but then I realised something, no matter what Spencer said about proving himself to win me back, would he really want to stick around if I was seeing something else?

I never voiced it to Emery or Sutton but they knew, they knew me well enough to know that I would struggle if I ever lost Spencer and not because I loved him but because I was so open with him about everything that if it ever came to a day where I lost him, I would break because it would be like losing my best friend, someone who would always protect me from the monsters that were linked with my past.

“I don’t want to lose Spencer either, it’s why I want to tell him myself and Damon knows that my relationship status is complicated, it’s enough that I’m single and allowed to date but still complicated”

“How did he react to that?”

I took a deep breath, this was what made everything with Damon so easy. Damon knew from the start that there was someone else, he didn’t care. He still wanted to spend time with me and we both agreed if it ever came to the part where we needed to have a serious conversation about us then we would and until then we were taking it one step at a time.

“Amazingly well, I told him straight up that it was complicated”

“And if he still asked for that first date then I approve, Jeremy was an asshole” I laughed as Sutton had a straight face but it falter and it wasn’t long until she joined me.

After that I began filling her in on Damon promising that if anything happened she would meet him, one day anyway.


  1. The Ariana and Adrianna kind of threw me off. I kept having to retread bc I was getting a little confused haha. Otherwise I love everything :)

    1. I didn't realise it would be a problem since Adrianna gets referred to as Dri but Ariana's appearances will be slim from here on out. I'm glad you love everything!

  2. What about, instead of changing the similar character names at this point, making a character list with a description so we can create a visual of what that character might look like?
    The Canadian

  3. The Alec and Alex throws me off every time but maybe if you put a charterer guide on the side for quick reference it would help instead of changing the names

  4. The character names aren't as confusing as reading the blog with your lack of punctuation. But both of them together makes it almost unbearable to read.