Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Birthday Part 2

“Hi…” came out of his mouth and it was full of worry and concern.

Looking at him and the girl who his arm was around, if I was Jeremy yeah I would be worried too. I looked at the girl and gave them both a smile and it was then I noticed the rather large engagement ring on the girls’ finger, I almost wanted to laugh at the situation.

Now I haven’t spoken to Jeremy since that horrible third date where Alec interrupted us and I was on the phone explaining it all to Spencer before going to sleep.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t find 11 days is enough time to find a girl, fall in love and then propose too so something about this whole situation is a little funny. The look on his face when he thought I was cheating on Spencer was a bit hypocritical consider he is cheating on his fiancé.

Jeremy and I may not have had sex that night but it did end with us making out on the couch with some heavy petting.

I shook my head at Jeremy before looking at Spencer, “Spence we are we going?” I questioned while giving him an innocent smile but he just raised an eyebrow at me knowing that this wasn’t exactly innocent.

I was grateful when he didn’t question anything but led me towards the back, he still didn’t say anything when I entered the back room and everyone yelled surprised and my non reaction didn’t sit well with the girls.

Spencer went off to catch up with Alec and Alex and a few of the other guys that were around while Emery and Sutton instantly came to my side.

“What’s wrong?” Sutton questioned while Emery looked over at Spencer hoping to figure it out from his face but he seemed fine, completely oblivious to what just happened

“So many things but Emery when was the last time you spoke with Tanner?”

“That first date, I was incredibly bored with him, why?” Emery replied and I was a little shocked, if she was bored why would she take off with him but then I thought maybe she was doing it for me.

“Well I just so happened to run into Jeremy and his fiancé on the way in here” I finished grabbing Sutton’s drink and downing it not really caring what it was and I screwed my face up to realise it was her usual tequila.

Both of them were speechless, I had spoken to them both about Jeremy and they both said I looked happy when speaking about him but then Alec ruined it and I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t hear from him.

I was even more surprised when Alec turned up the next day apologising for ruining my date like he did and I was grateful but it was something I assumed Spencer was behind.

“Are you sure?” Sutton was the one that was able to speak first.

“I saw the ring and the way they were standing and the look on his face said it all, I get it. I come with baggage because of Spencer and our fucked up relationship but the look on his face before I explained what was going on made me think he would never stray if a relationship started but yet there they were”

“Dri…” Emery started but instead Spencer, Alec and Alex came over.

Alex kissed Sutton’s temple before handing her another drink and Spencer did the same with me and I was grateful when I had a glass of whiskey in my hands, I gave him a smile before looking at Alec.

“Thanks for ruining that date I had a few days ago” I gave him a smile before walking towards the table and I couldn’t help but over hear the conversation I left.

Alec was shocked and asked if I was being serious and Emery told him I was and explained what happened.

I was in the middle of a conversation with Belle when Spencer came over and wrapped an arm around my waist and whispered in my ear, “are you alright?” I nodded and as much as I wanted to pull away and not deal with this right now I couldn’t, it would tell him I was lying if he didn’t already think it.

Dinner went smoothly after that and Jeremy wasn’t mentioned again but it wasn’t until we were waiting for dessert and we had one too many drinks that someone mentioned someone else I didn’t want to know.

“So Dri I know the restraining order has ended with Nathan, has anything happened?” Belle questioned and I instantly tensed up and only relaxed when Spencer placed a hand on my thigh.

I loved Belle, I truly did but there were moments like this when she was drunk that she didn’t have a filter. If she hadn’t been drinking she would have known not to mention Nathan in a setting like this.

“Flowers turned up this morning and I was planning on dealing with it tomorrow” Spencer answered for me, his reply caused me to look up at him.

I was confused, he never said anything about dealing with it, he just said he was going to throw the flowers out. He wouldn’t look at me, he kept looking at Belle but this then caused a new can of worms to be opened with my friends and they were all throwing questions at me.

Ever since the few moments of interaction between Nathan and myself the last few weeks all my friends that were present here knew I shouldn’t be allowed to be alone with the guy, the girls had seen what happened when we did dinner and the guys had heard from either their girlfriends or Spencer.

Everyone was confused as to why and how Nathan found me at Spencer’s and it was then I was completely confused as well. Nathan found out my old address from my mother but I never told her I moved so then I was completely freaked out by the idea of being followed back to the apartment.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts by the sound of a phone ringing and it didn’t take long for me to realise it was my phone and when I pulled it out of my purse that I was shocked, I stood up from the table and headed towards the corner before I answered.

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