Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I woke up that morning to an email from Spencer, yes an email of all things and I thought it was strange but when I opened it and saw a first class place ticket from JFK to London followed by him saying he missed me. I didn’t know what to say in response mainly because things had been perfect with Damon and I was worried this would change things.

As strange as it was Spencer and I weren’t talking as much, I didn’t know if it was because he was busy or because I was seeing Damon or if it was because of something else altogether. The flowers were still turning up regularly and I was still missing him but Damon was changing that.

Even Nathan had been quiet, I hadn’t heard from him at all since my birthday but I had heard from my mother, apparently Nathan was back home and she kept bugging me into go home to visit one weekend in hopes of the two of us getting back together, I never replied to her messages.

“Babe you alright?” Damon’s voice pulled me from my thoughts, he had a free afternoon and surprised me at work with lunch, things were still hectic but I was grateful for his thoughtful idea.

“Sorry just distracted”

“Anything you want to talk about?” he questioned giving me a smile, if only it was so easy.

Once I originally told him about Spencer he never asked questions, I guess what I told him was enough information for him. We still weren’t exclusive or had that conversation but I wasn’t seeing anyone else and I had a feeling he wasn’t either.

“Actually there is, how would you feel if I went to London for the weekend?” I watched as he tensed and there was something written on his face but I didn’t know what, I liked that he wasn’t anywhere near as closed off as Spencer but I was still learning to read him.

“Any particular reason?”

“I was sent plane tickets, I still haven’t told him about you and I thought I would take this opportunity to go see him and tell him in person” I never told him Spencer’s name and he never asked.

“If I turned around and said that I didn’t want you to go would it change your mind?” I was unsure about what he was saying, he was so calm. I didn’t know if this was him telling me he didn’t want me to go or if he was trying to find out if his opinion would change my mind.

“Do you not want me to go?” I spoke softly while looking down at my salad, I heard him let out a sigh before the chair moved and it wasn’t long until he was kneeling beside me with his hand on my neck.

“That’s not what I said Dri, I just asked if my opinion meant anything. Of course I don’t want you to go where you will be spending who knows how long in London with your ex-boyfriend but if this is something you need to do then I will deal with it, I will even take you to the airport and pick you up when you return” I finally turned my head and looked at him, I was completely shocked by his response.

I’ve seen so many movies or T.V shows where things have turned sour in a potential relationship because of something like this but here he was being completely calm about this idea.

“You sure?” I questioned and my voice broke.

Damon gave me a small smile before kissing my forehead, “I knew what I was getting into when agreeing to keep seeing you and if you need to do this then I will support you but I will admit I’m only a little bit terrified you won’t come back” he finished it off with a shaky laugh but I smiled at him before leaning over and kissing him.

“I promise I will come back, I have to. I have work to worry about” I smirked at him and he shook his head before kissing me again and going back to his own seat to continue his own lunch.

“When are you leaving?”

“The flights are for this weekend, so I guess this weekend” I shrugged, this sort of thing wasn’t new for me in the past Spencer had always done things like this last minute, mind you it was always near by and not several hours.

“That soon huh?” he smirked at me and I wondered if he was putting on a front but I pushed that thought aside, he was always up front with me.

“Yeah, look if you don’t want me to go I won’t. I will just call him and tell him over the phone”

“Tell me again why you haven’t told him” his question made me hung my head.

“I’m terrified of his reaction” I spoke softly not wanting to look up.

“Its fine I get it babe, how about we change the topic?” I looked up at him and nodded and he then began asking about work and the cases I’m currently working on.

Friday afternoon came much quicker than I thought it would and it meant it was time for me to fly to London to see Spencer and as Damon promised he came with me to the airport, I would have been fine taking a cab by myself and I even told him that but he wouldn’t hear it.

“Thank you for coming with me” I spoke before softly before kissing his cheek while we were in the cab.

“It isn’t a problem, I wanted to see you off. Maybe give you a reason to come back to me” he winked at me before softly kissing my neck and his hand slowly made its way up thigh and I had to bite my lip to stifle the moan that wanted to escape.

Damon and I only recently began having sex, to begin with it was my issue because of Spencer but after a while those concerns disappeared and I was able to let myself go with Damon and it was amazing and ever since we hadn’t been able to keep our hands off each other.

“You better stop” I warned him but it only seemed to encourage him and it slipped even higher.

I didn’t have time to get changed after work since Damon had met me at the office and we grabbed a cab from there, so his hands sliding along my thigh and slipping underneath my skirt was enough to make me wet and I wanted nothing more than straddle his lap right here in the cab.

“Is there a problem Dri?” he pulled his hand away and softly kissed my cheek before wrapping his arm around my shoulder, I narrowed my eyes at him before snuggling into him.

“I’m going to miss you Dri” Damon spoke as he was hugging me, we made it to the airport and now we were standing there saying goodbye before I headed in through security.

“I’m going to miss you too and I promise I will come back, you have to finish what you started” I looked up at him and grinned, he kissed me before pulling away and looking at me.

“Why do you think I did it” he winked at me and I hit his arm while pulling away. “Aw don’t be like that”

“No I’m just going to be feeling like this all weekend” I pouted at him but he just managed to wrap his arms around me and pull me close.

“I promise I will make it up to you when you get back” he whispered in my ear causing me to shiver as he softly pressed his lips against the spot sweet soft on my neck.

“I should go otherwise I will miss my flight” he frowned as I pulled away but he let me go and I headed for security.

The whole flight I was nervous, I had no idea what was going to happen when I made it to London and finally saw Spencer. Would I get forget about Damon and fall into old habits with him or would I straight up say something or would we just be friendly?

I finally made it London, barely getting any sleep and still incredibly nervous about finally seeing Spencer.

I made it through and found Spencer standing there waiting for me, I ignored the feeling in my stomach as I made my way over to give him giving him a smile.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” Spencer spoke before pulling me into a hug and I was just glad he didn’t attempt to kiss me, this was going to be an interesting weekend.


  1. Ohhhhh boy. I still get a weird feeling about Damon. I can't figure out what it is. Dri needs to be careful!

  2. I feel weird about Damon, too, because there's no way any guy in his right mind would be okay with what she's doing. I get that she's meant to be with Spencer and etc., but it seems really disrespectful to Damon. But Spencer isn't really respectful of Dri, either, because he keeps her on a leash from 1000+ miles away. So maybe they deserve each other.

    1. Ohhhh! Just thought of something! What if Damon is somehow tied to NATHAN!!?? Maybe that's why I (we) think Damon is so shady.... he seems like he has ulterior motives!!!

  3. Yeah, agree that Damon seems off, but also I think Dri is nervous because she and Spencer never really did define what they were. Yes, they broke up, but they are still tied together in so many ways. When they are together, they act like a couple. Dri lives in Spencer's apartment. If she really breaks up with him for Damon, she really ought to plan to move out. The whole thing still feels a bit creepy.