Thursday, 23 July 2015

Surprise Visits

“So wait you’re telling me that Harvey pulled Nathan off you and threw him out of your office before calling security?” Emery spoke, a little shocked at what I just told her.

“And then you stood there completely shocked and did absolutely nothing?” Sutton finished.

The incident with Nathan in my office was a couple of days ago and I had both Emery and Sutton over for pizza and wine while I filled them in on the latest issues with Nathan.

“Yes, I had gone to Harvey to ask him for some advice on the whole restraining order thing and I told him briefly what happened in school”

“What is Harvey doing now?” Sutton questioned from the kitchen while she was grabbing a second bottle of wine.

“He got the restraining order put back in place but since it’s been so long since the first one it’s only a temporary one for a couple of weeks, if Nathan tries to contact me or does anything else it will get extended”

“Well let’s hope the prick stuffs up again” Emery spoke and she was right, it was how the first one got extended.

Nathan didn’t follow the rules that had been in place, he had turned up at my house with flowers hoping I would forgive him but then things turned nasty and I had to call the cops.

“What did Spencer say about this Dri?” Sutton questioned

I was quiet at first, not too sure how to tell them Spencer’s reaction, he was completely and utterly furious when he found out what happened in my office.

“Dri you did tell him, he will be annoyed if you didn’t tell him” Sutton raised an eyebrow at me but I just waved her off while grabbing the bottle of wine.

“Don’t be silly, of course I told him. I had no choice after you told Alex what happened at the restaurant”

“I really am sorry about that, I didn’t think Alex would have told Spencer”

“Yeah well I’m assuming Spencer told all the boys about the deal with Nathan in hopes of someone keeping an eye on me” I shouldn’t have had that tone with her and I knew she didn’t mean it but I was still annoyed.

“The boys at work don’t know Dri, I think it might just be Alec and Alex and I don’t really speak to Nik, Spencer was that connection” Emery spoke and I was that little bit grateful.

When I was in the kitchen putting away the empty glasses and plates I heard someone at the door, I turned around and stared at the girls.

“Did you tell anyone else about tonight?” I hissed them but they shook their heads, I had heard from Sutton that the boys had plans to hit a sports bar tonight so Alec wouldn’t randomly turn up and the fact that I had told him I was having the girls over.

Just as the door opened I grabbed one of the knives from the knife block and faced the door and was shocked when I noticed it was Spencer, “what the hell Spencer!” I yelled as I placed the knife on the counter.

“That’s the hello I get?” Spencer looked confused and hurt at me yelling at him

“You scared the absolute shit out of us!” he looked at me and then at the girls

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean too”

“Yes well now we know it’s not a burglar coming to kill us, I think we should be going” Emery spoke as she stood up and placed the empty bottles on the bench.

“Exactly it was good seeing you Spencer” Sutton gave us both a smile as her and Emery left us alone in the apartment.

“What are you doing here Spencer?” I gave him a huge smile, as much as I was incredibly happy to see him I was also confused. I didn’t think he would get much time to come out here

“I wanted to check on you, I was worried” he stepped closer to me wrapping his arm around me pulling me close to him and he kissed the top of my head.

“A phone call would have sufficed”

“Not after what happened in your office”

“Spence…” I pulled away and looked up at him.

“I was worried alright, I know you’ve got the restraining order in place for a bit but I wanted to make sure you are alright and now that Nathan knows where you work…”

“But security know who he is, they won’t let him in the building”

“Fine what about when you are leaving? He could stake the building out” I shook my head at him and completely pulled away before heading over to the couch and taking a seat in the corner and it didn’t take long for him to join me.

“Spencer, calm down. You are overreacting, I will be fine and you will lose your job if you stay out here too long” Spencer gave me a smile as he reached over grabbed my foot

“I know, I’m only allowed out here a couple of days do you have a problem with me staying here?” he had begun rubbing my foot and I instantly snuck into the couch.

“Nope not at all, especially as long as this keeps up” I replied completely relaxed.

“Maybe you could take a couple of days off as well and we could spend the time in here by ourselves”

“Can’t, we’re swamped at work. I’m actually surprised I had tonight off” Spencer had stopped rubbing my feet, I opened my eyes and looked at him and did not like the look on his face.

Spencer had gripped both of my ankles and pulled me further down the couch before climbing on top of me.

“Spencer we shouldn’t do this…” I spoke quietly and he shook his head at me

“Are you seeing anyone else?” he whispered before placing a soft kiss beside my ear

“No but it will just make things harder when you have to leave”

“It’s going to be hard anyway” Spencer spoke and when I didn’t give him a reply he took it as a hint that I wasn’t going to object anymore and he began placing more kisses along my neck.


  1. I think Dri should get a puppy or something, I would be sooo paranoid if I were in her shoes.

  2. Really not liking how Spencer has showed up unannounced at least twice now. Having a stalker follow and harass me AND another 'guy friend' showing up unannounced to my place...I wouldn't like it all. I'm guessing because Dri has feelings for him its ok? Love this blog btw, lol (already super invested)

    1. woops- I thought spencer was Alex the friend, and not the Ex. pregnancy brain :)

    2. It's fine, as you saw Dri did yell at Spencer for scaring her and her friends but you're right, it's different with Spencer because she has feelings for him