Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Accidental Sightings

So I've been stuck at home the last few days and been able to get ahead in my writing so keep an eye out for new posts over the next couple of days.

It was Friday night and normally that meant I was going out for dinner with the girls but there was a large court case Monday morning that majority of the senior partners were involved in so I had to spend the weekend going over files and making sure everything was right for Monday, normally this was the associates work but since this case was important to the senior partners I had been given the pleasure of it.

I stood up from the couch and stretched my back out before heading into the kitchen for a glass of soda, more than anything I would love a glass of wine or whiskey but I had to keep a clear mind about this and I would have to deal with the sugar rush from the soda.

“Holy shit!” I jumped at the sound of Alec’s voice not realising he had a key to the apartment, I turned around and found him staring at me.

Just what I needed, I had come home from work and taken my skirt off leaving me to walk around in my shirt and underwear. My hair was up in a messy bun and my glasses were sitting on the top of my head, this combination was something Spencer had found incredibly sexy and right now with Alec eyeing me I had a feeling he was thinking something similar.

“I’m just going to get changed” I spoke quickly before rushing towards the bedroom and throwing on a pair of sweats and a different top.

I walked out and found Alec sitting on the couch and I was grateful he hadn’t moved my paperwork, he spotted me and a smirk appeared on his face.

“You didn’t have to get changed for me”

“Shut it Alec” I growled at him but the smirk still didn’t drop

“You know there is a perfectly good office in this apartment?”

“I know this, I also never had one. I’m more used to sitting on the couch going over my files, why are you here”

“Spencer is still paying for his cable and I don’t have all the sports channels” I reached up and scratched my head, I knew this was hard for Alec as well. Normally when I went out for dinner with the girls Spencer had the boys over for pizza and sports.

“Right sports night, look Alec I know you’re struggling without Spencer but you can’t just come over whenever you want and I really have to focus on this case tonight”

“Dri I’m sorry I didn’t know you would be here, I just hoped to watch the game and leave before you got home and I certainly didn’t think I would walk in and find you dressed like that”

“Fine, watch the game I’m going to the bedroom” I collected my files and went through the kitchen to grab my glass before heading back to the bedroom.

I opened my laptop to bring up the browser and hope I could access some of the firms files from here instead of going down there when I noticed I had an alert on Skype, I opened it and found a chat request from Spencer. I looked at the time and realised it was midnight for him, I reluctantly hit accept knowing if I didn’t he would go to sleep.

“Hey babe” I had a smile at the sound of that, we might not be dating anymore but I loved that he still called me babe.

“What are you doing awake? Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

“I wanted to see you but I thought you would be out with the girls”

“Normally yes but there’s a big case on Monday morning and I have to go over files over the weekend” I spoke and knew I shouldn’t have had the tone I did or even pull a face when I finished but Spencer would have found out eventually.

“Oh Alec turned up didn’t he?”

“He did Spence…” I trailed off while narrowing my eyes knowing this was completely his fault.

“Oh god, what happened?” he slightly laughed before placing his head in his hands.

“Well you know how sometimes I come home from work and just take my skirt of and stay in my shirt?”

“Oh god he didn’t see that did he?”

“He did, why couldn’t you tell me he had a key!”

“I’m sorry, it slipped my mind but I am disappointed to see you’re no longer wearing that shirt” he smirked at me and I shook my head

“Nope, not going to happen not after what happened with Alec”

“Aw babe, please” he pouted at me and I laughed.

“Nope, how is London?”

“Cold, rainy, miserable and I miss you. Have you heard from Nathan?”

“I miss you too, no but my mother has rang a couple of times. Nathan has told her some bullshit story and now I’m even in more trouble with her” I rolled my eyes and Spencer laughed knowing just how much I didn’t care.

I don’t know why Nathan lied but somehow my mother now thinks that I slapped Nathan for trying to talk to me and I told him to go away and leave me the hell alone.

“Good, please let me know if he does contact you. I don’t want anything to happen to you again” I frowned and looked away from the screen at the mention of again.

Not long after I had settled into Spencer’s apartment I went out for dinner with the girls and I had ran into Nathan once again, he had cornered me in the hallway outside the bathrooms. Nothing had happened but only because the girls had come looking for me, I didn’t plan on telling Spencer but Sutton had told Alex and Alex told Spencer and it took him less than 10 minutes to call me demanding to know what happened.

“Dri, I deserve to know what happens with him”

“I know but nothing had at the restaurant, there was nothing to tell you”

“Something could have seriously happened to you if the girls didn’t come and find you”

“I know this Spence! But nothing did, you can’t protect me while you’re in London”

“I know this Dri and I hate that I can’t but I wish you would tell me these things”

“Forget it Spencer, I have work to do and you should get some sleep” I slammed my laptop shut not even wanting to hear want he had to say.

I drew my knees up to my chest and rested my chin on them trying to push aside the memories I did have of everything that’s happened with Nathan. Once I was relaxed and calm, I crossed my legs and got back to work.