Monday, 27 July 2015

Crashed Girls Night

“Dri can I borrow this dress?” I turned around at the sound of Belle’s voice.

We had planned another girls’ night and we were planning on hitting up a bar and I had a feeling that Sutton had told the boys and the boys would be meeting us there to make sure that Nathan didn’t run into us, I was annoyed but at least they cared about me.

After Spencer had left after his stay here I was a bit of a mess, I didn’t want him to leave again but I knew he couldn’t stay not if he wanted to keep his job. Me going out with the girls tonight was a way to get past him leaving and enjoy the night.

I was just glad none of the girls questioned why I was absent from all communications and social media for a couple of days this week, I didn’t want anyone to know I sat LSATs in case I did horribly and had to explain to them how I felt, sit then and let them tell me I didn’t need to sit them or whatever else they had to say.

Belle was holding up the same red dress that Spencer loved seeing on me, “No sorry Belle but you can pick anything else, just not that one”

Belle must have realised what the dress meant and put it back before choosing another one, I was fixing my make-up and curling my hair while the girls where in the bedroom going through my wardrobe.

Since I was staying at Spencer’s rent free I had a bit more money to spend on clothes and I had been, my wardrobe was full and I was not looking forward to returning to my own apartment with the smaller wardrobe.

I left the bathroom and the girls instantly handed me a vodka soda before they went back to dancing around the bedroom, I smiled at the sight and knew Spencer would get a kick out of this. I grabbed my phone to send him a message.

There is currently six half naked girls dancing around your bedroom ;)
Another video please?
I’m just kidding, have fun with the girls tonight xo

Were Spencer’s replies, I smiled at my phone before placing it back in my purse and walking into my wardrobe to look for the cobalt blue dress I bought the other day specifically for tonight.

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you and Spencer just stopped talking all together?” Emery spoke as she stepped in beside me, I shook my head at her.

“No, if I wasn’t living here then yes maybe but it’s harder with me living in his apartment. He’s everywhere”

“I get that Dri but what about you two moving on?”

“We didn’t agree to move on, we agreed that if we did then there would be no harm. If I get a guy trying to pick me or give me his number tonight I’m not going to say no, I’m not holding back because of Spencer but I’m also not going to willingly move on”

“Alright, come on we’re ready. Jess just has to put her dress on” I turned around and left heading out so we could leave.

“Those guys keep checking you out Dri” I turned my head at Emery’s comment and scoffed once I had a look at the guys over the other side of the bar, by the looks of them I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still in college.

“I’m not dating guys younger than me” she laughed in reply knowing I was right.

We had been at the bar for an hour or so and I was right in assuming that the boys would be joining us and as soon as they did Sutton ran over to Alex, Belle had gone over to Jase which surprised me since Jase wasn’t in the same friendship group with those boys and I’m assuming they extended the invite and Jess ran over in hopes of flirting with some of the single guys while Ali and Jaime were off somewhere leaving Emery and myself alone to scope the place from the corner and participate in our favourite game, people watching.

“Oh come on, they aren’t bad looking, being younger they would have more stamina and being young they probably just want to brag to their friends”

“No way Emery, that’s insane, I’m not being some 22 year olds one night stand just so he can brag to his mates” she raised an eyebrow at me before looking around again.

“Oh what about those two?” I looked over to where she pointing and just wished she wasn’t since they were looking our way, Emery really had no shame but when I looked at them wow she wasn’t actually making fun of me or them, they were incredibly handsome. They both gave us smiles and I returned them before grabbing Emery’s attention and she looked back at me with a smile on her face.

“Alright so they are perfect but come on”

“What? What is so wrong, you said yourself you won’t deny the opportunity”

“Yes but I am not going over there, come on I didn’t even approach Spencer, you set that up”

“You’re right” she grinned at me before standing up and making her way over to where the two guys were sitting, I shook my head before standing up and making my way over to where the girls were sitting with the guys.

“Where’s Emery?” Alec questioned as I slid into the booth beside him and he placed an arm around my shoulder.

“Off flirting with some guys, where else would she be” I spoke and everyone laughed, they all knew Emery was a shameless flirt and if she considered them hot she would go flirt with them.

We all looked over to where she was sitting with the two guys and all three kept looking over here at various points in time, I looked at my friends and Alec raised an eyebrow at me.

“What about Spencer Dri?” Alec whispered in my ear after he realised what Emery was doing.

“Don’t know what you’re on about Alec” I replied before getting up and heading towards the bar to grab another drink.

“His name is Jeremy and he is expecting the two of us to go on a double date with him and his friend Tanner” Emery spoke when she appeared beside me at the bar.

“Seriously Emery?”

“What Dri, come on you said yourself there is nothing wrong with this”

“But with Alec watching, you know he will tell Spencer”

“But you just said…”

“I know but I’m not going to tell Spencer until when and if I started dating and it’s serious”

“Fair enough, well I have his number and I can give it to you later” I gave Emery a smile of thanks as I turned after grabbing the drink and we headed back to the booth where our friends were before joining in on their conversation.

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