Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Blast From The Past

I finally agreed to go out on a girls’ night and it ended up being much bigger than I expected it to be, Emery had invited the few amount of girls she worked with and Sutton had invited some of her closer work friends and we had all gotten ready at my apartment.

We went out for dinner to begin with and had decided to hit an amazing Italian place not far from my apartment before hitting a bar a couple of blocks over. The bar was new enough that it was somewhat packed but also old enough for enough people to know what it was like and there were even more people here at the bar that I recognized.

I hadn’t had the chance to check the bar out yet but both Emery and Sutton had been said it was amazing, the drinks were amazing and so was the music.

I was glad that I agreed to come out with the girls, I was having a good night and it gave me the chance to try and get over Spencer. I had no idea what was going on with him or even what happened to make him break up with me but right now, I needed to focus on myself.

I was standing at the bar and I finally got served and I turned around to head back to the girls but I ended up bumping into someone.

“I’m so sorry” I quickly apologized before looking at them.

“It’s fine, I’ve actually been trying to find the perfect moment to come speak to you Adrianna. I must say you look absolutely stunning tonight” I was face to face with Nathan, I quickly looked around in hopes that the girls could see what was happening but I couldn’t even see them, I just hoped they hadn’t left me here alone.

“Leave me alone” I hissed at him and tried to walk away but he had gripped my arm.

“Don’t be rude, I was just trying to speak to you and find out how you have been. Your mother…”

I cut him off, my mother didn’t know anything. “My mother doesn’t know anything and you don’t get the right anymore”

“Dri there you are, I was hoping you were here” I turned my head and found Alec heading my way, Nathan had loosened his grip on my arm but not enough that I could pull it out of his grasp.

“Hi Alec” I spoke but didn’t give him a smile hoping more than anything he would get the hint that I didn’t want to be here.

I was grateful when he walked over and put an arm around my waist, “Hi I’m Alec” he held his hand out for Nathan.

Nathan finally let go of my arm and shook Alec’s, “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Nathan” I looked up at Alec hoping more than anything that Spencer had spoken to him about this and I was pleased to see his jaw lock at the mention of his name.

“I see, come on Dri the girls are looking for you” Alec tightened the gripped around my waist and attempted to pull me away but Nathan grabbed my arm again.

“We were in the middle of a conversation Adrianna”

“And I say it’s ended, now let go of her arm before I make you” Alec threatened and Nathan instantly let go, he always was a coward.

“I will see you around Adrianna” Nathan called out as I walked away with Alec and I tried my hardest to prevent the tears from falling.

As soon as Alec had gotten us outside, he turned to face me and I leaned against the wall. “Dri are you alright?” I shook my head and focused on my breathing.

“Did you mean it when you said the girls are looking for me?”

“No, I haven’t seen the girls. I just assumed you were here with them, I saw you standing there and when he grabbed your arm I didn’t like it so I came over”

“Thank you for that, I didn’t want to be there”

“What was he saying?”

“Just that he had been trying to work out how to come over and talk to me all night, meaning he had been watching me all night. It feels creepy and I just want to go home”

“How about we go find the girls and they can take you home”

“Thanks” Alec gave me a smile as he went to head back to the door but I needed to know, “did you know?”

“Who he was? Only once he introduced himself, I’m just glad Spencer told me enough to know that you shouldn’t be around him”

“How is he?” I gave Alec a sad smile and he let out a sigh

“Dri you know I can’t, I hate picking sides but he’s my best friend. Surely you know how this is killing Sutton since she is dating Alex, she can’t pick sides but Emery and I have but that’s not to say if I see you being harassed by Nathan again I won’t get involved, Spencer would kill me if he found out I let it go by”

“Are you going to tell Spencer what happened tonight?” Alec looked at me and I could tell he was trying to decide what to do here, if he had picked Spencer's side like he said then surely he would tell Spencer what happened with Nathan but we both knew Spencer and we both knew that Spencer wouldn’t take this well since he obviously cared enough to make sure my mother didn’t hear about the break-up

“No, he doesn’t need to know about a single run in but if anything else happens I will have to tell him and you know that”

“He doesn’t need to know, he gave up his right about knowing when he broke up with me”

“What don’t I deserve to know?” I turned my head and I was shocked at seeing Spencer standing there…


  1. Ahhhh spencer! Seriously hoping they work things out!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad to know you want the two of them to work out but just wait and see

  2. This is an EXCELLENT blog! I just saved it in my favorites! I'm looking forward to your next post!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you saved it to your favourites! If you haven't already read, the new post is up