Thursday, 16 July 2015


I starred at Spencer, I couldn’t believe he just said that he was moving to London. This was insane, did he not mean everything he just said?

I shook my head at him and pulled away before getting off the couch and fixing my dress, “Dri come back here”

I turned and looked at him, he had sat up and I wanted so bad to curl up beside him like we used to but I couldn’t, everything was different now.

“No you just turned around and told me that you were moving to London, what you hoped to get in one more root before you took off? Glad to know where I stand”

“That’s not true Dri, I care about you and my suggestion of us coming up here wasn’t so we could have sex before I left. I was planning on asking you to coffee on Sunday so I could tell you, I don’t have a choice in the move. The partners want to open another branch in London and they want me over there to help set it up, I don’t even know if the move is permanent. I don’t want to go because I know how much I will miss you, I missed you during this break and I’m really going to miss you while I’m in London”

“How come Emery never said anything?”

“She doesn’t know, everyone else at work was going to find out on Monday in the meeting. It’s why I was out with the boys tonight”

“So you’re moving to London? When?” I collapsed down onto the armchair and looked at him through blurry vision thanks to the tears, I didn’t want Spencer to leave.

“Yes I am and I don’t want too Dri, I don’t want to lose you and they want me to leave next weekend” Spencer got up and moved so he was kneeling in front of me.

“So what, nothings changing, everything you’ve said tonight means nothing?”

“Not true, I still love you and a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t missed you or regret requesting the break but I don’t have a choice in this, I know you can't follow me because of work and your sister but you can’t lie and tell me you want to try long distance again, we had enough problems when I was on the west coast”

I gave him a small smile, he was right. Nine months into our relationship they requested him moving to the west coast to set up a new branch over there, he was only there two but those two months were hell. We were both busy with work and neither of us could fly out so we could be together and it was almost the end of our relationship.

We also knew I wouldn't leave my sister alone in the country with our mother and there was no way I could take time off work for this.

“So what do we do from here?” I questioned and he was silent for a moment trying to work it out

“I think we do what we have been doing, I don’t know how long I’m going to be gone this time. What if we actually break up and if we move on then we move, no harm no foul?”

A silent tear escaped and ran down my cheek, I didn't want this and I didn't want to lose him this way. “I love you Spencer”

“I love you too Dri but this is what will be the best for us right now, we can still talk while I’m gone” I nodded and he cupped my face pressing his lips against my forehead.

“I’m going to miss you and you have to know I don’t want this”

“I know Dri and while I’m gone I want you to live in my apartment, your mother doesn’t know where I live. That way Nathan can’t find you, sublet yours and don’t worry about paying my rent because the company is covering everything”


“Please Dri, it’s the only way I know you will be safe while I’m gone” I nodded and he softly kissed me again.

I was glad that that night I was able to fall asleep in Spencer's arm one last time, I knew we had some issues to work out but back when he had to be on the west coast we knew it was only going to be two months but this time, he had no idea how long he was going to be gone.


  1. Would have been so fun to read about a blog somewhere new, too bad she can't go to london

  2. Yes it would have been interesting but remember this is a fictional blog so anything is possible in the future

  3. This post broke my heart. I feel bad for both Spencer and Dri. And especially scared for Dri because of Nathan.

    Thoroughly enjoying reading this blog.

    -The Canadian

    1. I'm glad you feel for Dri and Spencer with the situation they're in and Nathan does put a spin on things doesn't he?

  4. This is so sad! Long distance is hard, especially when you've already been through it once before and it was less than optimal. Interested to see where this goes!

    1. Long distance is incredibly hard, one of my ex boyfriends was in the army and it was hard not knowing when I was going to get to see him next. I'm glad you're interested and I will check yours out!