Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Meeting Nathan

I recently begun reading New Beginning, New Adventures and if you haven't read it please do, it is an amazing blog and I got the idea from Olivia to do posts from the past and posts from different point of views so it is something I'm working on.

I hope you all enjoy seeing how Dri and Nathan met, I will be writing different parts of their relationship as well as when everything went down.

“Bye daddy, Em, Sut and I are leaving” I spoke while standing in the doorway to daddy’s office, I swear he spent either his time in here or at the police station.

“Bye princess, make sure you have fun, don’t drink and don’t let boys take advantage of you” I rolled my eyes at his comments, it was the same speech before I always left for a party.

“Never daddy, I love you” I walked over and hugged him

“Love you too princess” I gave him a smile as I left him alone in the office with whatever case he was working on this time around.

I gave daddy one last look before leaving, he worked too hard at the police station. There was a rumour going around that when Sherriff Wilks retired daddy was the person they had in mind, I think daddy believed that if he worked as hard as he could he wouldn’t diminish the reputation he had but me, I just wanted my daddy home for dinner more than once every now and then.

“Where do you think you are going Adrianna” I heard the voice that belonged to my mother, I plastered on a fake smile before turning around and facing her.

My mother and I don’t exactly get along, I don’t like how she spend so much time at the malls while my sister and I are stuck at home struggling with homework. She was meant to be at home with us while daddy worked but instead we were left at home with the nanny of the week, I swear my mother couldn’t make up her mind as to who she wanted to watch us.

There had been a couple of times I had argued with her about the fact that Lee and I didn’t need a nanny but she wouldn’t let it go and daddy just said to let her do her thing.

“I’m going out with Sutton and Emery, daddy said I could go” she pursed her lips at me saying daddy approved.

My mother didn’t exactly approve of Emery and Sutton, she believed Emery was a bad influence on me but little did she know…

“Oh very well, I thought you would be joining your sister and I for a movie night”

“Oh I thought Lee had plans with her friends, her and daddy asked if we could drop her off on the way” I smirked at her and she didn’t say anything.

As soon as Lee heard I was going out for the night she made plans with her friends and I agreed to drop her off at her friends’ house.

As soon as my mother had turned and left, I heard for my car where they were waiting for me.

“What took so long?” Sutton questioned as soon as I opened the door

“Mother dearest stopped me”

“But didn’t daddy give us permission to go out?”

“Yes Lee, don’t worry. Daddy will handle her if needed” I turned in my seat and gave my little sister a smile.

There was four years between me and my sister, my mother didn’t exactly treat me and sister as well as other mother’s generally do. Every time I go to either Sutton or Emery’s house their own mothers will pull me into a hug and say I don’t eat enough, something I wish my mother said more often instead of the fact that I ate too much.

I was grateful that daddy was around, it made things easier. He kept the peace between my mother and myself, he made sure we didn’t fight and if we did he put his foot down to stop it. My mother wished I spent more time doing beauty pageants instead of being out with my friends and I wished my mother stopped drinking so much.

“Are you sure Dri?” Lee questioned when I pulled up in front of her friend’s house.

“Yes Lee, everything will be fine. If she tries to ring you don’t answer, only answer daddy or myself and I will be back first thing in the morning to pick you up now go have fun with your friends”

This would be Lee’s first sleep over, I watched as she got out of the car. She was 12 and she should have been having sleep overs long before now I did but yet mother wouldn’t let her leave, since it was made clear that my mother couldn’t control me she hoped that she could control Lee but I was making sure it didn’t happen.

I was regularly inviting Lee to the movies with my friends and myself if the movie was appropriate or out for dinner or lunch on the weekends, hell even if we went to the mall. Anything to get her out of my mother’s thumb.

“So does daddy dearest know what we are getting up to tonight?” Emery questioned as I pulled away.

“Well I told him we were going to Tony’s house, come on Em. We always drink and party at Tony’s because his parents are never around and he’s left in the care of his older brother”

“So in other words the cops may or may not turn up” Sutton whined and I shook my head

“Well considering that mother took away my sweet 16 party that I was meant to have last weekend, something tells me that daddy might let this one slide unless the neighbours complain” I grinned at Sutton.

It was true, my mother had cancelled my sweet 16 party because I wouldn’t wear the dress she wanted me too but come on it was this bright lolly pop pink colour and it was hideous, I wouldn’t let it slide. She lost it and cancelled it, everything and daddy wasn’t happy but there was nothing he could do once everything was cancelled.

Tony heard and decided to throw the party, but something tells me he would have thrown the party whether or not I turned 16 last week.

“What neighbours?”

“Exactly” I turned to face the girls at the lights and a mischievous grin slid onto my face.

Tony lived out in the middle of nowhere and his neighbours can’t hear the music no matter how loud we had it and what made all of it even better was the fact that his house backed on to the lake and today was stinking hot, we were in the middle of a heat wave and I couldn’t wait until I peeled my dress off and dove into the water.

We arrived at Tony’s after blearing the top 100 C.D I had brought the day before, we got incredibly excited when the Pussycat Dolls, Kelly Clarkson and Jesse McCartney came on getting the three of us incredibly excited for the party.

Tony had met the three of us at the door and it was obvious he had already begun drinking, something I believed would be thanks to his older brother Kyle.

“Look at the three of us, the party can now start that you are here” Tony spoke as he pulled as all into a hug while giving Emery a kiss causing Sutton and I to coo at them for being so cute.

Tony and Emery had only been dating for a couple of weeks, I don’t think they were even boyfriend/girlfriend yet but still they were incredibly cute together.

“Who is that?” Sutton grabbed my arm once we were in the kitchen grabbing drinks, I followed her gaze and spotted who she was talking about and my god was he hot.

I had never seen him before, but I knew by the end of the night I would. I heard a chuckle behind me, I turned my head and looked at Tony.

“I see you’ve spotted Nathan, he is Lucas’ cousin and is transferring to our school come the new year” Tony spoke while handing Emery a beer before pulling her away from the two of us and it was then that Nathan looked our way and spotted us, giving both of us a smile.

“Dibs” I called quickly giving Sutton a smirk noticing the pout on her face before grabbing a beer and heading over to where Nathan was standing with a couple of the guys from school.

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