Friday, 24 July 2015


I was currently sitting in my office staring at my computer screen,  I was incredibly nervous for tomorrow in fact I was so nervous I hadn’t completed much of the work that had been requested of me.

“How are you feeling?” I looked up and found Harvey leaning against my door.

“Nervous, incredibly nervous. Why didn’t I take your offer to have today off as well?” he gave me a reassuring smile as he made his way over to the chair in front of my desk

“I’m sure you will do fine and you’ve spent so much time studying for this”

I nodded but didn’t say anything in reply, I didn’t know what to say. I just hoped Harvey was right, I just hoped I did fine tomorrow.

I was going against all better judgement I had when it comes to this, for years I’ve been putting off taking the LSAT and now out of nowhere I enrolled and decided to take it and I couldn’t believe it was now the time to take the exam.

“Adrianna, you will be fine. Now why don’t you head home and get some rest before tomorrow and I will see you in a couple of days” I nodded in response again but didn’t move from my seat.

Harvey watched me for a couple of moments before leaning back in the chair and getting comfortable but I smirked at him, I knew what he was doing and I didn’t like it. He had a habit of sitting in my office to bug me when he wanted me to do something for him, him sitting there waiting for me made me get up and leave quicker.

“Adrianna we’ve spoken about this, in detail might I add. If you pass and get accepted to college everything will be fine, it’s what you want”

“Yes but the board members would rather I got into Stanford than anywhere else”

“We will see what happens and who knows, you may get into Stanford but until that moment just take it by ear”

“Thank you and thank you again for helping me study”

“It was my pleasure, get some sleep tonight Adrianna” he finally gave me a smile and got up to leave my office.

Once he was gone I took a deep breath before shutting down my computer and gathering my things to leave, for the past week I had been given pointless tasks in hoping I would spend more time studying.

Harvey and one of the other senior partners were both for me sitting the bar and going off to law school, especially if it meant I came back here. They never said it specifically but I assumed it was because of all the hard work I put in as a paralegal and they thought I would be an even better lawyer but this was all an idea in my head to make it a little bit easier for me to still attend the exam tomorrow.

I eventually made it home grabbing pizza on the way so I wouldn’t have to leave the apartment again and I wasn’t in the mood for dealing with the delivery guy, I had a habit of always getting the same guy, some 20 something college kid who thought he had a chance with me.

My phone started ringing pulling me from my worries about tomorrow and I looked at the screen to see it was Spencer, I hung my head and silenced the call. I didn’t want to deal with Spencer, I had been keeping this secret from him for months since I applied on a whim assuming I would back out at a later date but I never did.

It didn’t take long for me to receive a message from Spencer after my phone stopped ringing either.

I guess you’re busy, I miss you. Call me when you can

I placed my phone back down not even wanting to reply, I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, more than anything I wished my dad was still alive. I still remember the day I told him I wanted to be a lawyer, I was 15.


There was a knock on my door and I looked up to find daddy standing there, “yes daddy?”

“You were awfully quiet during dinner, everything alright princess?”

“Yes daddy I’m just thinking, hearing about Sydney’s first few months at college was amazing and it made me think about what I wanted study during college or even where I wanted to go” I gave him a smile and sat up on my bed as he walked over to join me.

“If you could be anything princess what would you be?”

“I would love to be paid to travel” I grinned at him and he shook his head, daddy’s job as a detective made it hard for him to get a decent amount of time off to travel so we generally stuck to places close by, I have spent countless summer breaks in Mexico and other Caribbean countries while never setting foot in Europe where I dreamed of going.

“I bet you would princess, but in all honestly what do you want to do?”

“I wouldn’t mind be a lawyer, I’ve heard you on countless occasions complaining about which low life scum got off and I want to help, I want to be able to put those criminals behind bars so they can’t terrorize the communities anymore” I spoke and watched as daddy stared at me, I think I shocked him with that statement.

“Princess that would make me so proud”

“All I want to do is make you proud daddy” I gave him a smile as I leaned over to hug him.

“Adrianna…” came my mother’s shrill voice from downstairs and I let out a groan of frustration, I knew she would complain about how I didn’t prove to be the perfect daughter to her sister and her husband today.

“It will be fine come on princess” daddy spoke before standing up and waiting for me.


I wiped away my tears before giving up and heading to bed knowing a full nights sleep will ease my mind about the next two days and then afterwards I will forget about it until my results are released, whenever that is.


  1. This was really sudden. I hope she makes it, but I wish we had been given more build up of this, rather than it coming out of nowhere.

    1. Sorry about that hopefully the new post on Monday will help clear that up

  2. I assume this is meant to take place in the States because you mention Stanford. If it is (and even in most other Western countries), you should know that one can only take the bar exam after graduating from law school. In the US, in order to get into law school, you take the LSAT, not the bar exam.

    1. Thanks for the information. I just took what I saw from the first website I came across guess I read it wrong. I will fix it at some stage thanks again!

    2. That's okay. It does make me think that you should probably reconsider going down this path, because law school is all-consuming and has a lot of peculiarities that will be hard to get right, and your story will sound less realistic if you don't know what you're writing about. If I were you, I'd write what I know. Otherwise, you'll dig yourself into a 3-year (the length of law school) hole of not being real-to-life. This storyline is too compelling to deserve that. Remember, shows like Suits hire professional legal consultants to make sure they get the details right.

    3. Thanks for your opinion and I will keep it in mind but at this point in time this chapter set ups future chapters and I havent decided the fate of Dri and law school just yet

  3. Can't wait to see what happens next and I'm curious about Nathan