Saturday, 27 June 2015

Unaccepted Flowers

I was running late for work, I don’t know how it happened, but somehow the whole apartment building I lived in had lost power so my phone never charged during the night and my alarm never went off.

It also didn’t help that Emery and Sutton had been over late last night, they had pulled me out of my head and made me realise that things had meant to happen and if Spencer and I are meant to be together we will find each other again.

I hastily opened the door, leaving my apartment and almost got hit in the face by the delivery guy standing on the other side.

“Adrianna Innocenti?” he questioned, shocked at first, but put his hand back down at his side

“That’s me” I replied and he handed over a slip for me to sign, I did and then he bent over and picked up this large bouquet of flowers and my god they were stunning, I took them off him and thanked him heading back into the apartment to look for a vase to put them in.

Once they were sitting on the kitchen table I pulled a card hoping they were from Spencer, Spencer had always been one to surprise me with stunning bouquets like this and I just hoped this was his way of reaching out to me but instead I read the card and knocked the vase off the kitchen table before storming out of my apartment deciding to clean it up once I finished work.

I didn’t know who I was annoyed at my mother, myself or Nathan. The flowers had been from him and I didn’t know of my mother had given him my address of if she had organised the delivery herself but either way I was annoyed at myself for thinking that Nathan would leave me alone.

I made it to work and wasn’t exactly surprised to see Harvey sitting in my office, he was one of the senior partners and I had a meeting with him this afternoon about the case I was helping him with. Normally he showed up in my office earlier than expected when something was pushed back, I guess today was one of those days.

“You’re late Adrianna”

“I know and I’m sorry Harvey, I didn’t have the greatest morning but our meeting is this afternoon. Can you get out of my chair?” I raised an eyebrow at him and he eventually stood up and held my chair out for me.

I took a seat and placed the files I had in my hands on my desk before looking at him, wondering when he will explain why he was here in my office first thing in the morning.

But he didn’t speak, he just took a seat on the other side of my desk. “What are you doing here Harvey?”

“Our meeting has to be moved”


“As soon as possible” I let out a sigh, everything was as soon as possible with Harvey but that was why he was so good at his job, he was the best and there was a reason he always came to me. I was able to do his requests whenever he wanted

“Alright I need some time to go over my files and make sure everything is finished”

“That’s fine Adrianna, I will see you in the conference room in an hour?”

“Of course” I gave him a smile as he got up and left me in peace in my office.

Where I worked was the once place I knew my mother couldn’t find me here, I never got around to telling her where I worked. If I was telling the truth she never really cared to ask where I worked, she wanted me to be the perfect house wife but I was more interested in a career.

My meeting had just finished with Harvey and it went well into our lunch breaks that he had sent his assistant to go and get us some lunch so we could have something to each now that we had finished.

“Can I ask your advice Harvey?” he was looking over the files and I was hoping he had some insight into the whole Nathan thing.

“Depends how much trouble are you in?” he had a smirk on his face

“None but how much experience do you have with sexual assault cases, restraining orders and the like?”

“I’ve had the cases but it’s not something I work with, it’s more Carmen’s area of expertise Adrianna”

“Yes but I not Carmen’s biggest fan…” I trailed off while grinning at Harvey.

Carmen was a junior partner and Harvey was the reason why she didn’t like me, they both asked me to help them with cases but Harvey’s was more urgent so I spent more time on his case and Carmen’s got pushed aside.

“Alright fine I give, what is going on?”

“What would it take to have a restraining order put back in place after it’s been ended for some time?”

“It would depend on how long it’s been since it ended, I haven’t looked at one of those in a long time I would have to look into it again or you could do it on your own. It could be something as simple as him trying to contact you or something as extreme of him assaulting you again. What is going on?”

“Just someone from my past for now it’s been quiet for years but all of a sudden a received a letter from him a couple of weeks ago and then this morning flowers turned up from him. I want to get this nipped in the butt before it gets worse”

“Very well, you work in a law firm with access to this stuff. You are more than welcome to look into it yourself and if anything needs to be done I will help in any way I can”

“Thank you Harvey, it means a lot” he nodded at me as he stood up to grab the Chinese food from Wendy his assistant

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