Monday, 28 September 2015

Stuck In The Middle (Alec's POV)

As soon as Alex told me that Dri was bringing her new boyfriend to the Hamptons with us I wasn’t happy, I knew if we really wanted we could have made this a boys only weekend and I would have been able to get the house keys off Dri if needed but instead we decided to invite the girls as well but if I had of known…

As soon as Dri was on that plane back from London I had Spencer on the phone telling me what had happened, I couldn’t believe it when I was told that Dri had a boyfriend that wasn’t Spencer. I didn’t have siblings growing up, all I had was Spencer and his siblings, I got along with him and his brother well enough but it was his two sisters that I didn’t get along with, hell even Spencer didn’t get along with his sisters.

Spencer was the second youngest of the lot, his older sister and brother were twins being three years older than him while his younger sister was five years younger than him.

It wasn’t until Spencer met Dri and in turn I did as well that she became the sister I never had, but when the two of them went on a break I lost her and not by choice. I was following Spencer’s request to stay away from her and give her the space she needed but it wasn’t until that night in the club that I realised maybe Spencer did the wrong thing.

Seeing Dri shaken up like that because of a simple run made me realise that she needed to be protected, I knew enough from Spencer to know that Nathan was bad news and as soon as his name was mentioned I had to get her out of there.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Spencer was leaving I honestly hoped that night would cause both of them to realise the mistake they made, you would have to be blind to not see how much those two loved each other.

I was shocked when I entered Spencer’s apartment one night to find another guy in there, I couldn’t believe Dri was doing this to Spencer. I lost it and left calling him instantly not even caring if I was waking him up, he needed to know what she was doing in his apartment. It was then that Spencer explained to me the terms the two of them had come to when it came to him being in London and I instantly felt bad, I could have seriously ruined things for Dri, hell I could have ruined the friendship I had between Dri and I.

I was glad when Dri accepted my apology, I honestly did feel bad for ruining things and having to make her explain what I was going on about but she said it was fine, if he couldn’t handle it then he wasn’t worth it.

Things were fine from then, Dri seemed happy even though she hadn’t heard from the guy and Nathan had been away but everything changed come Dri’s birthday.

Spencer had flown down to surprise her, but it only ended with them realising that Nathan had sent Dri flowers, the guy Dri went on a date with turned out to be engaged and then the following morning Dri and Spencer got into a fight.

Spencer wouldn’t tell me what they fought about, he rarely did but whatever it was didn’t make him angry, he was hurt. It was then I wondered if they still had their issues because of the break or if there was something else going on that I didn’t know about.

But things seemed to fix themselves between them and they were fine for the rest of the week he was here.

I thought everything was fine after that visit with Spencer and it seemed to be, even when Dri went to Boston to visit her sister she came back exactly the same but it wasn’t until she went to London to visit him that everything changed, they both changed.

Spencer became depressed and threw himself into work more in hopes of coming back and winning Dri before it became serious or she really fell for him, whereas I realised that Dri had been lying to us, I wondered if the girls new the truth.

So when I heard he was coming this weekend I wasn’t happy, he was the reason why my best friend was currently depressed in a foreign country.

I couldn’t head out that Friday afternoon with the rest of them because I had work to finish up, Alex complained saying I worked from home and could have done it in the Hamptons, he was right I could have but wouldn’t have so instead I headed down early Saturday morning with Belle and Jase.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I entered the kitchen to find some guy I didn’t know standing there, no one said anything about Emery bringing a date so I knew it had to be Dri’s new boyfriend.

“Oi who are you?” I called out, not caring what was going to happen with Dri.

He had his back to me and I must have startled him because he dropped the empty bottle that was in his hand and I was just glad it broke in the sink and not the floor, he turned and faced me looking a little hesitant.

“Damon, I’m here with Dri” so I finally get told the idiots name.

“Good now I know your name so I can tell it Dri once you’ve left” I spoke calmly but when he didn’t leave I lost it and the two of us started arguing it and it only stopped when Dri spotted us.

Dri threatened me but I knew she wouldn’t follow through on it with me so I said I would play nice anyway and it was then I handed her the letter, I knew as soon as I spotted them last night I knew it wasn’t from Spencer or the boyfriend and I hated seeing her this scared.

“Don’t” I warned the new boyfriend when he went to follow her outside.

“What’s it to you?” he quipped back but I narrowed my eyes,

“I might be the ex’s best friend but I know her a lot better than you do, I’m telling you not to go out there” but he didn’t listen, he headed outside anyway.

I quickly ran a hand threw my hair before looking for Emery knowing she’ll be able to bring Dri inside and talk to her along with Sutton.


  1. Love your story, but I hate Damon. HATE. lol I have a strong urge for him to get busted for what he's doing to Dri and fall flat on his face.

  2. Hope you post again soon!! :)