Monday, 7 September 2015


“God I missed you Dri” Spencer spoke as he wrapped his arms around me, I just nodded against his chest not knowing what to say in return.

“I love you” was all I was able to say in the end, and it was true I did still love Spencer but Damon was confusing me.

“I love you too baby, god I wish you didn’t have to leave on Sunday” he wrapped his arms around me again. “Don’t leave, stay here until I’m allowed back in the city”

Was all he said and the next thing I knew was I sitting up in the bed covered in a light film of sweat, I was glad my dream wasn’t real, I was glad Spencer didn’t ask me to stay in London with him it would have really thrown a spanner into the works.

“You alright?” Damon spoke groggily and I tilted my head to look at him still laying on his side with his eyes closed but he had managed to move his hand to my back.

“Yeah just need to get a glass of water” I gave him a small smile before climbing out of the bed and heading into the kitchen.

It was early Tuesday morning and I had gotten back from London on Sunday night, the weekend was alright, better than I expected really. We made it back to where he was staying and instantly went to sleep but it wasn’t till the next morning when I rolled over and he tightened his arm around my waist and softly kissed me that it all felt too weird, I shouldn’t have been doing this, not with knowing that Damon was at home waiting for me.

Spencer took it reasonably well considering I flew all the way out there to tell him I was seeing someone else, he was grateful it was done face to face and then we spent the rest of the weekend catching up. I admit it felt weird being Spencer in a completely friendly way but I did feel weird about the whole thing knowing Damon was back at home.

Before I left Spencer said he was glad I was happy but nothing would change, he still wants me to be safe in his apartment and I was grateful since we had no reason to believe that Nathan knew where I was no matter what the flowers meant since he hadn’t turned up there.

When I landed in JFK I was so happy to see Damon standing there waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers and I couldn’t help myself when I threw my arms around him before kissing him, yes I know very romantic movie cliché but at this point in time I didn’t care.

“Babe are you sure you’re alright? I know I didn’t ask what happened when you were in London but I assumed because you were so happy to see me I shouldn’t be worried but now I’m worried, you woke up last night as well” I looked over at Damon as he made his way over to the couch, I hated that he was right and I had hoped I didn’t wake him last night, there was no sign to show he had woken up when I did.

“Yeah it’s just how the weekend played out but I promise I’m fine, I’m all yours. He took it reasonably well, I guess I got myself so worked up over it” I gave him a smile before snuggling in against him on the couch.

“So I don’t have to worry about him coming back and trying to win you back?”

“I don’t know about that, but even if he did come back I’m all yours. I’m in this with you 100%” I twisted in his arms and smiled at him.

“Good so I can finally call you my girlfriend?” he questioned before nuzzling my neck and I didn’t know if he was trying to hide his face from me or not wanting to see my reaction but this made me so happy.

“Only if I can call you my boyfriend” I replied so calmly that his head shot up and he looked at me almost unsure if I had said what I did, in fact I even surprised myself with how easily I said that since I’m not exactly the most romantic person.

Damon didn’t say anything he just grinned before leaning forward to kiss me and it wasn’t long until his hands made their way under my shirt and rested on my back to pull me closer to him as he laid back on the couch.

A moan escaped my lips as he rolled and pinched my nipple in between his thumb and finger and I hung my head to rest it on his shoulder while his other hand made its way down my back to grip my ass.

I pulled away and quickly sat up to remove my shirt and I threw it at him before climbing off completely and making a run for the bedroom while laughing and I barely reached the bed before Damon had tackled me down on the bed.

My giggling didn’t last long until it was stifled by him kissing me and we quickly resumed what we started on the couch.

“I want you so bad” I moaned out as Damon continued to tease me and I felt him smirk against my neck while he used his hands to rile me up and just as I was about to flip us to gain some control he finally pushed himself into me.

Two orgasms later we had finished and I was lying in his arms in a post sex coma and I finally fell back asleep, content with how my life was at the moment.

I was woken up later on by the sound of a phone ringing and assuming it was Damon’s I rolled over and pressed my face into his chest stifling my groan but he didn’t move to shut it up.

“Babe it’s yours” he spoke while pushing me back over towards the phone, I lifted my head and he was right.

I picked it up and looked at the caller I.D noticing it was Sutton, I was worried about why she was ringing me first thing in the morning, I answered it anyway and I felt Damon shift beside me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and softly kiss my shoulder.

“What’s up Sutton?”

“Nothing, the boys have made plans for the weekend”

“And you’re ringing me this early in the morning because?”

“Because I just left Alex’s and he just told me, I wanted to ask if you were interested”

“You haven’t even told me what they were”

“Oh right…” I laughed at Sutton but hoped she would get to the point. “Right anyway so the boys are planning on heading out to the Hamptons for the weekend, grill some food enjoy the weekend before the weather turns horrible for the year”

“But it’s…” I trailed off hoping more than anything Sutton would realise.

“Yes I know its Spencer’s house, more so his family house but Alec spoke to him and then Spencer’s brother. No one is using the house this weekend so it’s all ours. Are you in?”

“Who’s going?” I quickly questioned

“Alex, Alec, Jase, Belle, Emery, maybe Nik and the latest girl he is dating and you can bring Damon we’re dying to meet him”

I placed my head in my hand, did I want my friends to meet Damon this weekend? “I’ll talk to him about, look I’ve got to go. I will let you know alright”

She agreed and finally let me go, I placed my phone on the bed and leaned back against Damon. “What are your plans for the weekend?”

“Well I was hoping to see you, why?” he questioned while placing softly kisses along my back and I squirmed under his touch.

“How do you feel about spending the weekend with my friends?” I spoke and he quickly stopped placing kissing along my back.


  1. I'm not sure I'm liking Damon maybe with time...I know it seems that Dri is really falling fast but I'm not sure I want her too haha.

    1. Agree. Not feeling Damon at all.