Wednesday, 9 September 2015


I wanted to bang my head against the steering wheel as I made my out of the city, Dri was in London for the weekend and I had to take the opportunity of leaving without her asking too many questions.

If you knew what I was doing, you would probably hate me, hell there were moments I hated myself for what I was doing but I had too. I couldn’t let what happened go unnoticed or undefended, I needed to make a stand and help my brother.

My life isn’t anywhere near as golden as most people think, my parents worked hard just so my sister and I could attend a private boarding school, one of the best in the country. So because of this little fact my sister and I were constantly stuck around rich snobby trust fund kids that wouldn’t give us the light of day due to the fact we didn’t wear the right clothes, that is where my distrust of trust fund kids started.

Even after my dad lost his job my parents tried to keep us in the school against our wishes, we tried to convince them to let us come home and help them save money by attending a public school but they wouldn’t let up until the school turned around and said they couldn’t accept us anymore due to late payments.

When we made it back home it was then we noticed just how bad it was, we had lost our house, the cars, everything in hopes of my sister and I staying in that private boarding school. I hated that they thought we needed to be there that much that they ruined our lives, all while the trust fund kids were constantly picking on both my sister and I.

That was the moment my hatred grew and my anger towards my parents started, I know it’s bad to hate my parents, I know they were only trying to give us the best education possible but not at that cost. Would your parents do the same thing?

Next comes college and one of my pledge brothers had a similar story, his life ruined by a trust fund kid as well. Who knew this happened to more than one person?

It was in that moment that we quickly bonded and swapped stories about our damaged high school experience, I couldn’t believe how horrible his story was. I knew I hated the kids I went to school with but not once did any of them spread such lies.

I made it to the café I was heading too and was glad to find he was already there.

“Damon” he stood up to greet me and I couldn’t help but grin at the tired looking bugger.

“Nathan, it’s so good to see you” I gave him a hug and we both sat down.

When Nathan told me the story about his ex-girlfriend I couldn’t believe the crap he went through because of her, his life was almost ruined by one sexual assault charge and he was lucky he wasn’t 18 yet otherwise it would follow him for the rest of his life.

After college we kept in touch over the years and nothing about Dri ever came up until a couple of months ago when he ran into her in the city, at first I thought he was lying but it kept happening and then I almost lost it when he told me that she ruined one of his job interviews.

Nathan had told me he was struggling for work, they might not be able to access his record because it was sealed but he still had to be up front about his juvenile activities, especially since he wanted to be a lawyer. In the end he went back home and attempted to start his own business hoping that the past was in the past.

When I ran into Dri in Boston I couldn’t help myself, I had to introduce myself and find out why she was such a bitch to Nathan but nothing was helpful, she wouldn’t let up this bullshit act of being a nice girl.

I told Nathan how I ran into her and he asked me to put myself in her life and keep tabs on her, find out anything in hopes of fixing his future, find something to prove she was lying but the longer it went on the more I hated being in this situation.

The situation probably wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for her ex-boyfriend, hell if it wasn’t for Nathan I wouldn’t even be pushing myself onto because of him. No way did I want to date a girl that came with that much baggage and of course he was a fucking trust fund kid…

Nathan wanted me out here today in hopes of having something helpful for him but I didn’t, nothing ever comes up of use. Hell Dri hasn’t even mentioned Nathan, the only from her high school experience is Emery and Sutton that get mentioned and it’s because she’s still friends with those two bitches.

Everything aside it was great catching up with Nathan, I really did miss him and if it wasn’t for Dri I would probably visit more but I can’t and he doesn’t want that, he wants me to find something.

“You’re going to have to meet her friends eventually” Nathan spoke and I groaned in response, I had heard stories of her two best friends, from both Dri and Nathan except I believed Nathan over Dri.

I believed that they were manipulative bitches who if didn’t like me will convince Dri to end things and throw me aside and I will be lucky if a sexual assault charge doesn’t come my way.

“I know but for now I’m enjoying not having to deal with those two girls, if they are anything life Dri it’s going to be all fake and I’m having enough of it”

“I know Damon and I’m grateful that you are doing this for me, I don’t care what you do on the side, I just want you to continue trying to get information from Dri for me”

I nodded at him not knowing what else to say on the whole meet the friends, we dropped the topic of Dri and her friends and continued to talk about other things because I had to head back into the city.


  1. Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!?????? I did not see that coming! I kind of felt like something was off with Damon from the moment he was okay with the whole Spencer/Dri situation!! Bah!! I can't WAIT for the next post!! I hope Spencer shows up unannounced!!

    1. Im glad I could shock you and of course something would have been up with Damon it wouldnt be a healthy person otherwise.

  2. Omg I knew it! I was just thinking that Damon had a connection to Nathan and then I read this. What a douchebag! Great twist on the storyline, tho.

  3. I kind of liked Damon before now! Ugh!

    1. You were probably the only one, I had most people saying they didnt or there was something that didnt feel right

  4. I figured he (Nathan) had gotten plastic surgery at first to become Damon but timewise that wouldn't have probably worked and Dri would've recognized some similarities, I would think. This makes more sense! lol

    1. Haha that does sound like a good idea but you're right, time wise it wouldn't but then again this is a fictional blog.

  5. OMG- Awwwwesome twist!!!!

  6. Ah-ha! I know it!!!! I so called this. lol

  7. Did not see that coming! Great twist!