Monday, 14 September 2015

Meeting The Friends

“Do you have everything babe?” Damon spoke while entering the bedroom, it was currently Friday night and we were heading out to the Hamptons.

Damon had agreed to spend the weekend with my friends and we were now on our way to head down there. I was the one that had access to the keys since they were in Spencer’s apartment and I was picking up Sutton, Emery and Alex on the way while Belle, Jase and Alec were heading down early tomorrow morning because they couldn’t get down there tonight and Nik wasn’t coming since he latest girlfriend didn’t want to spend the weekend in the Hamptons.

“I do, are you sure you are ready for this. Remember I told you that my friends are my Spencer’s friends” he had finally given in and asked what Spencer’s name was after the idea of meeting my friends came up, he didn’t want to get caught out not knowing who he was.

“Yes I’m sure, I would love to meet your friends. I also remember you saying that it is his family house and we are taking his car down there” he rolled his eyes at my comment before coming over and wrapping his arms tightly around me.

As well as having access to the keys for the Hamptons house I also had access to the keys to his SUV that was currently sitting in the buildings garage.

“Right sorry, I guess I’m just worried”

“Because most of the guys are his friends, it’s fine I get it. Honestly you worry too much, you’ve already told me if I’m too uncomfortable you won’t care if I hop on a train back here, just relax Dri” he kissed the top of my head and I did as he requested, I relaxed in his arms.

“I’m sorry but I do have everything, I’m good to go” I pulled away from him and headed for the door.

“Do you have the keys?” his question stopped me and I smiled at him sheepishly.

“No, they’re in his office somewhere” I groaned, even though my bed was in there I didn’t really go into his office.

I left the bedroom and headed into his office and I stopped at the sight, I completely forgot I removed all the photos of the two of us and placed them in here, I did not long after he left because it hurt so much to see them. Damon came in behind me and took notice of the photos sitting on my bed, he walked over and picked one up.

I watched him carefully but he didn’t say anything as he put the photo down, “where would the keys be?”

“Most likely his desk, hang on” I replied heading over to his desk and began rifling through the draws before I found the set of keys I was looking for and picked them.

“Got them, we can go now” I walked over and kissed Damon’s cheek before heading out of the office.

When we made it down to the garage and Damon took in sight of the SUV as I unlocked it I heard him mutter, “fucking trust fund kids”

I turned and looked at him, I didn’t know what his problem was with trust fund kids, it would be a conversation for another day but I knew it would be an issue this weekend. I even felt a little hurt by his comment.

“I wouldn’t say that this weekend, one of the guys Alec also happens to be one of those trust fund kids and what would you say if I was one of those alleged trust fund kids”

“Sorry babe” he softly kissed my cheek. “I really am, I didn’t realise”

“I’m not one of those kids but still some of my friends are” well it was only half a lie, I would have been a trust fund kid had my dad still been alive, my mother killed that idea once he had passed away.

“I promise to keep my comments to myself” he spoke softly before kissing me, “want me to drive?”

I laughed at Damon and he frowned at me, “Spencer would kill me for letting someone drive his car, he won’t even let his best friend drive it. It’s all on me this weekend”

“I get it, you drive and I’ll take a nap” he smirked before opening the door for me

“You better not” I warned him but he kissed me before shutting the door and walking around to the other side.

I drove the couple of blocks to Alex’s apartment and found that they were waiting for me like they promised. I quickly pulled over and Alex threw their bags in the bag as the girls climbed in. I twisted in my seat to introduce everyone.

“Guys this is Damon, Damon that is Emery, Sutton and Sutton’s boyfriend Alex”

Emery and Sutton gave Damon warm introductions but I couldn’t help but notice Alex’s was a little cold and it was in that moment that I was worried about how this weekend was going to go and I was starting to regret the decision to invite Damon down for the weekend.

Alex was quiet for most of the ride until Sutton made a comment about how they both worked for the same company and it was funny that they didn’t know each other, but Alex just shook it off saying something about different floors but it did allow him to be a little bit friendlier with Damon and I was grateful.

We made it to the house and Alex and Damon had taken our bags in talking about a client that had caused issues for their company while leaving me alone with the girls.

“He’s perfect Dri” I looked at Emery and she had a massive smile on her face.

“I know right and he has been so easy about the situation with Spencer” I replied and it was true, I loved that about Damon, him taking all of this so easy. Anyone else could have walked out as soon as they found out.

“I’m glad Dri but I was a little worried about Alex reacting to him”

“Well Sutton, at least they have their jobs in common. Alec is my main concern for when he turns up tomorrow”

“It’ll be fine, Dri you worry too much” Sutton spoke but I knew Emery agreed.

“Funny Damon said the same thing earlier” I laughed before heading inside for my crazy weekend to begin.

I woke up to an empty bed the next morning, I had no idea where Damon had gone and I don’t think he would have taken off already considering last night seemed to be fine. Alex and Damon seemed to get along because they did the same job and it made me wonder if Alex was doing what I wanted and pushing his own concerns about Spencer aside for me, or if Sutton said something to him.

I got up and got dressed to head downstairs in hopes of finding Damon, he was much more of a morning person than I was and it was something I wasn’t used to, I was slowly getting there though but when I made it downstairs I was shocked.

I couldn’t believe Damon and Alec were arguing already, I knew out of everyone Alec wouldn’t be the most welcoming to Damon but I didn’t think he would stoop this low.

“What is going on here?” I spoke loud and clearly when I entered the kitchen, Damon took a step back and looked at me almost a little ashamed that I spotted this but Alec, he didn’t care.

“Just getting to know you’re new boyfriend here, does he know your other boyfriend owns this place?” Alec snapped at me but I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Ex-boyfriend and yes Damon knows that this belongs to Spencer’s family but remember I’m the one with the keys, so be nice or fuck off Alec” I said sternly and I noticed the look Damon was giving me, but I knew Alec. I knew you had to match Alec at his game to be even considered.

Alec finally smirked at me before shaking his head, he walked over and kissed my cheek. “Only for you Dri, also this letter and a bouquet of flowers was waiting by the apartment door late last night” he held the letter and I hesitantly grabbed it noticing the hand writing….Nathan.

“Why were you at the apartment?”

“Spencer rang and asked if I could grab some files from his office and have them faxed to him in London, are you alright?” Alec spoke softly and when I looked up all I saw was concern on his, I shook my head before heading outside to read the letter.


  1. This is all going to end very, veeeery badly.

  2. Crazy! I think it's creepy how Nathan wants her back but doesn't seem to care how close his friend Damon is getting to her. Excited to hear more about this weekend

  3. This whole situation is creepy--with Damon, with Nathan and really the fact that Dri is having a relationship with Damon in while living in Spencer's apartment and vacationing with him in Spencer's family's house. Yuck. No wonder Alec and Alex are not happy about it all. I don't blame them. It's disrespectful to Spencer. I get Dri wanting to move on, but it seems like this is all at Spencer's expense.