Monday, 21 September 2015

The Letter

Thank you all for being so patient about my broken computer, I have finally gotten it fixed and only lost a few things. All of this aside my life has gotten a lot busier in recent weeks and I am no longer able to post three times a week. I'm going to try and stick to once a week with maybe posting bonus posts every now and then. Also I don't know why this whole post is in italics, it won't let me change it.

You mean the world to me and I love you so much, I have loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you all those years ago at that party at Tony’s house. I know I stuffed up big and lost you, I wish I hadn’t, I made so many mistake and my biggest regret is losing you.

I’m giving you your space, I’ve moved back home and hopefully it’s enough for you to come to your senses to realise it’s always been me, it’s always me been that has had your best interest at heart and I still do.

Come see me when you realise I’m right.

I’ll always love you

I scoffed before ripping the letter to shreds, I would never go find him and hopefully me not turning up will just keep him away longer.

I turned my head as I heard the doors slide open, I noticed it was only Damon so I turned back out to face the ocean. I didn’t even know where to begin with this whole Nathan thing with Damon, at least Emery and Sutton knew the truth because they were there, everyone else found out by him turning up constantly and Spencer, well Spencer pulled it out of me after walking in on a fight between my mother and I.

“Babe…” Damon started but I shook my head to cut him off before throwing the pieces of the letter out hoping the wind would catch them and they did, so I watched as they took off.

“Come on Dri I need your help urgently with something” Emery’s voice pulled me from my thoughts and I looked over at her, her smile was fake and I knew why.

I shrugged before heading over to her, not even looking in Damon’s directly. I didn’t want him to see what Nathan was doing to me, it was bad enough my friends had to see it and knew the reason.

“Dri…” Damon spoke as he made a grab for my wrist but I pulled it from his grasp and followed Emery back into the house and upstairs.

Once we were in the house Emery grabbed my arm to prevent me from taking off on her, I knew better then to fight her so I let her drag me upstairs to her room where I was not surprised to see Sutton sitting on the bed.

“Alec told you?” I questioned and she nodded at me, my shoulders slouched before I walked over and laid down on the bed.

“What does Damon know?” I heard Emery’s voice and I wondered what she was doing since I couldn’t see her, she had entered the wardrobe in this room.

“Nothing about Nathan, I can’t tell him. I had a hard enough time telling Spencer everything and even then he doesn’t know everything”

“Dri we don’t even know everything” Sutton spoke calmly but I knew they were both worried, there was one moment that they didn’t know about.

It’s the same moment that was the one that led towards the death of my dad and the only people alive who knew the truth about it was Nathan, myself and the cops who took my statement and it was staying that way.

I didn’t say anything to the girls I knew they were worried about me, I remember the looks they were giving me in the hospital, I remember them trying to work out the bruises on my neck and I remember the confrontation they had with Nathan in the hospital hallway.

I didn’t even look up when the door opened the only thing I hoped was it wasn’t Damon entering the room.

“Dri you’re new boyfriend is a little worried” I heard Alec’s voice but I just shrugged in response, not knowing what to say.

I didn’t know what to say, all this time, ever since I got that first letter from Nathan I wanted nothing more than him to leave me alone but now, now that he told me he had gone back home to give me space I was worried.

I didn’t know what to expect from Nathan, if he had gone home chances are he was with my mother and those two together was never a good sign.

I had pushed aside the conversation taking place between the girls and Alec but it wasn’t until someone mentioned Spencer that I listened.

“God where is Spencer when you need him, he was the only one to get through to her when she was like this” I looked up noticing that Alex had joined us and I narrowed my eyes at him before climbing off the bed and heading downstairs ignoring my friends calling my name.

I found Damon in the kitchen cleaning up our mess from the night before, “you didn’t have to do that”

Damon turned around at the sound of my voice, he looked surprised, hell even I was surprised by how I cheerful I sounded.

“Well considering there is something going on that I clearly don’t know or don’t understand and all your friends are whispering behind closed doors I figured I could do something to distract me” I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry babe, it’s honestly nothing”

“Why was everyone so concerned about what was written in that letter, was it from Spencer?”

“No it wasn’t from Spencer, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is I’m here with you this weekend and you’re finally meeting my friends and Alec said he will play nice” I smiled at him before placing my lips against his.

“Why do I feel like Alec is only going to play nice so he doesn’t get kicked out?” Damon smirked at me.

“Because Alec is like a little kid, he hates being left out”

“HEY! That’s so not true” I turned my head at the sound of Alec’s voice and saw him pouting in the corner with his arms across his chest.

“That right there helps prove what I just said” I shook my head at him and it was seconds later Alex came up behind him and hit him over the back of the head causing us all to laugh

“Alright so what are our plans for the rest of the weekend?” Alex question as he joined us in the kitchen and I was grateful for a change of topic, anything to get Damon away from the idea of the letter.


  1. Oye! I feel like this whole situation is like every person's fear. The fact that Damon can act and convincingly lie about his intentions with Dri so easily is... terrifying. And is such a huge betrayal. I hope Dri finds out sooner rather than later!! He is soooo slimey. She has to catch on to him soon..... right??

  2. I am curious to see if Damon's opinion of the whole situation changes, once Dri tells him what happened with Nathan. I am also curious to see if Damon's opinion of Dri's friends will change once he has spent the weekend with them. However, I am still team Spencer. I would love for him to come back and save the day when this whole Spencer fiasco blows up or Dri run to London to be with him. Either way, love the blog!