Monday, 5 October 2015


Sorry about the delay, I was surprised with a weekend away. This weekend away also included no internet

“Babe…” Damon groaned while attempting to roll away from me but we were both exhausted.

We got back from our weekend in the Hamptons and after everyone dropped the letter from Nathan, the fact that Alec and Damon had it out before I threatened Alec it was overall a nice weekend with friends.

Alec had pulled me aside and said he liked Damon and could see Damon was going to treat me right but he hated that Spencer was hurting over this, I agreed with him completely but there is nothing I can do while Spencer is in London and when he comes back I will try to make things as easy as possible for him.

I gave Damon a smirk as I continued to run my fingers softly up and down his bare thigh and it wasn’t long until he gripped my wrist.

“We got back from being in the Hamptons last night and we’ve spent all day in bed, how can you still be horny?” he was right, we had both called in sick today, I did it because I didn’t know how to deal with the whole Nathan thing, I knew I had to tell Harvey since he was on the case about it and Damon wanted to spend the day with me but since he didn’t have to worry about his clients today or being on call it was easier for him.

“But you’re naked and pressed up against me, how could I not be horny” I wrapped my leg around his waist and flashed him an innocent looking smile and I could feel him hardening underneath me.

“Fine, let me rephrase. How can you not be sore?” he questioned as he ran his hand down my stomach causing me to shiver and when he pressed his hand against me I couldn’t help the flinch. “Exactly, now why don’t you go shower and we can curl up on the couch”

“Ooo someone’s bossy” I spoke while giving him a light shove but all that ended up in was me being pinned to the bed and him hovering above me with a smirk on his face.

“Do you want to see bossy sweetheart?” he spoke softly but all I did was smile.

“You can’t be bossy Damon, now get off so I can shower” I shoved him off me before making a run for the bathroom.

When I made it back out to the living room I found that Damon had already started getting things ready for our day on the couch, I could see the fluffy blanket I love using sitting to the side but he was nowhere in sight.

It wasn’t until I walked past Spencer’s office that I heard Damon’s hushed voice, confused I opened the door and found him standing behind the desk going through it.

I stood there shocked for a moment before coming to my senses, “what are you doing in here?”

Damon’s head snapped up at the sound of my voice, he didn’t answer my question at first just said something into his phone before hanging up.

“Sorry work called and I was looking for paper and a pen”

“Yes but why in here? I know there is some in the kitchen” I wanted to badly to ignore the voice in my head that was telling me this whole scene was a little off, this was Damon. I trusted Damon.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t find them, I didn’t know this room was off limits babe” I stood there watching him as he closed the draw that was still hanging opened and walked over to me.

“I really am babe, it’s an honest mistake. You won’t find me in here again” I pushed aside how wrong that felt as he cupped my face and softly kissed my forehead.

I just nodded in response to him and linked my fingers through his to lead him back out to the living room.

As Damon was showering I made myself comfortable on the couch and started the first moving.

He wasn’t in the shower for long and after that all my concerns over the weird moment between us were pushed aside as the day went on.


  1. When is the truth about Damon going to come to light! I am getting so worried for Dri that she is going to be hurt!

  2. I hate that Damon is bad! I really liked him! Maybe he will come to his senses and spill everything and try to fix things?! Ugh I just want her to find out the truth!