Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I have always been a runner, ever since I was younger. It was always used as a way to stay fit so I was able to keep up with my basketball matches, then I got older and it was a way to fit and keep the body I preferred but now, now being an adult it’s used as a stress relief.

I don’t know how to explain it but somehow running allows me to reduce the amount of stress I have, it is a better outlet then hitting the gym and using a punching bag, which I do that as well.
I normally run around the pack across from my apartment building, its closer the gym and of better use. If my friends try to come looking for me and notice I’m not home and I’m not answering my phone they all know they can find me in the park.

“Babe you home?” I called out as I entered my apartment while peeling of my sweaty top.

Spencer Monroe was my incredibly hot boyfriend, we had been together for a little under 18 months. We weren’t exactly living together yet since he still had his own apartment but more often than not he was here, mainly because my fridge was stocked and his wasn’t.

“Feeling better?” was the reply I got, I frowned before turning around and found Spencer standing there with a towel hanging low on his waist.

“I am, you showered without me?” I pouted a little and he just laughed.

“Your mum rang and said she was coming over, something about being in the city and she wanted to catch up with you”

“Right…” I quickly spoke as I walked past him and headed towards my bathroom.

My apartment was just a one bedroom with a reasonable sized bathroom with open spaced living and kitchen, it wasn’t much but it was home and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Spencer grabbed my arm as I walked past him, “babe you don’t have to see her if you don’t want too”

“You just said she was coming here”

“Yes but if you really want me to I can lie and say you haven’t come home yet, you and I both know she won’t stay here and wait for you”

Spencer was right, my dearest mother hating sitting in my tiny apartment waiting for me to come home while Spencer sat there watching sports, in fact half the time he did it to spite her.

My mother and I haven’t had a civil conversation since my high school graduation, the older I’ve gotten the worse she has gotten. She thinks I’m lying and I think she’s in denial.

“That would be perfect, can you order pizza for dinner?” I gave him a smile as I continued through to the bathroom making sure to take as long as I could with making minimal noise.

“Dri your mother just left” I turned around and faced Spencer, he didn’t look too happy which also meant my mother voiced her opinion about how she hated our relationship, more so she hated that we weren’t married with children that she could over power.

I have only been out of college for a couple of years now and I was nearing 25 years old, I shudder at the thought while Spencer had been out longer and he was almost 29. Both of us were happy focusing on our careers and friends while making ourselves happy, we have spoken about marriage and something we both want just not at this point in time.

“What did she say?”

“More so she asked for money again” I shook my head at him before leaving and walked towards my wardrobe to get changed.

I wasn’t exactly that successful at my job but I made enough to have a enough after bills and savings to still spend enough while going out shopping with my friends. My mother wished I spent money her way but I don’t because I know where it will go, alcohol and smokes instead of food and rent. I’m just glad my younger sister is finally out of the house and in college, if she asked for money neither Spencer nor I would have a problem sending it to her.

“There’s something else babe”

“What is it?” I turned and looked at him

“She asked me to give you this, she said it turned up at her house” he pulled the envelope from behind his back and handed it to me.

I instantly recognised the hand writing and closed my eyes, wishing I just hadn’t showered so I could go back out running again. “Did she say anything else?” I spoke when I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“Just that you did the wrong thing as usual” he rolled his eyes before giving me a smile. “I’m going to get that pizza, I’ll give you a moment to read that” he softly kissed my head before up and leaving me alone with the letter.

I tore it opened and stared at it not taking in what it said, I finally read it and it was short, short then I expected it to be.

I’m getting out soon, I miss you

I just stared at it, hoping more than anything this was the last time I heard from him. I closed my eyes tightly trying to keep the tears away before walking out and burning the letter over the stove.

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