Friday, 26 June 2015


“Do you think she is alive?” I heard Emery’s voice

“I don’t know, I haven’t heard from her in a week. I wonder if she’s actually going to work” and there goes Sutton.

I groaned before placing the pillow over my head and rolling over.

“She is probably hung over, did you not see the empty bottle of scotch on the table”

“Go away” I finally spoke but I didn’t look at them

“Come on Dri it’s been three weeks, you can’t keep moping in your bed. Are you even going to work?” Emery spoke and I finally sat up and looked at them both, I could tell they were worried.

They both sat down beside me on the bed and I finally spoke, “of course I’ve been going to work, I would have been fired and then I would have more problems to deal with. Oh and just so you know, I didn’t drink the scotch last night. It’s been the last few nights”

“We’re just surprised you drank it, you never drink that scotch” Emery was right, I rarely touched my 18 year old scotch. It was the last thing I got from my dad and I didn’t want it to be empty but now it was and I didn’t know what to think.

“Em is right Dri, Spencer broke up with you three weeks ago. You need to stop moping around, get out of your bed and shower because we have plans with the girls tonight” at Sutton saying that Spencer broke up with me I broke down in tears again.

I still couldn’t believe he did it, everything seemed fine before he said it hell I wasn’t even sure if what he said was us actually breaking up. I haven’t tried to contact him and he hasn’t tried to contact me, I knew Emery wouldn’t be giving him updates at work but something was telling me that Sutton was filling in Alex and he was passing information on to Spencer and I wondered if he cared at all.

“Dri what actually happened with Spencer?” I shook my head not wanting to tell them, I hated thinking about it.

I had come home from work early one day because I wasn’t feeling well, I was allowed to given that I completed my work over the weekend and I agreed because it wouldn’t be a normal weekend if I didn’t. But instead of coming home and enjoying a nice hot bath I found Spencer in my room clearing out his things, I stood there in shock staring at him, I couldn’t even question what he was doing.

All he had to say to me was that he didn’t know how to be there for me through everything with Nathan, he couldn’t sit there and watch me break down and not know how to fix it. He kept saying he couldn’t give me the support that the girls could offer.

I was finally able to speak and I told him all I needed from him was for him to be there but he just replied saying he didn’t know how and that he was giving me my space. After he left I just collapsed to the floor and broke down in tears.

“Come on Dri, tell us what happened. You never keep secrets from us, we have always been there for you”
In the end I gave in and told them what happened with Spencer, they were just as shocked and confused as I was and didn’t know how to explain what he meant by it, even Emery who spent more time around Spencer than I did due to the both of them working together.

“So what you came home from work and found him packing his shit?” Sutton questioned while she got up and grabbed some sodas from the fridge.

At some point during the explanation we had moved from my bedroom into the living but none of this was able to clear my confusion, I was still just as confused and hurt.

“Yeap, he couldn’t even give me a proper reason. He just kept saying that he couldn’t be there for me”

“That’s bullshit, I’m going to have a word with him on Monday” I starred at Emery, she couldn’t be serious.

“No way, you are staying out of this Em! I know you will find a way to insert yourself in to this issue, the only reason I know Sutton won’t is because of her relationship with Alex” I shook my head before leaning back on the couch and staring at the ceiling.

“Dri…” Emery tried to reason with me but I put my hand up

“Don’t, please promise me you will stay out. Spencer will just think I sent you in to try and find out information for me”

“Fine…” Emery eventually gave in to my request even though I could tell she wasn’t happy about it. “How is the whole thing with Nathan going? Please don’t tell me he has turned up here”

“No he hasn’t thank god, I don’t think my mother has stooped that low yet but she had numerous comments on how we are just perfect for each other whenever I actually answer the phone” I put on the fake voice I perfected to imitate my mother and both of the girls laughed at it

“Does she know about you and Spencer?”

“God no, it was the only thing both Spencer and I agreed on. Until Nathan is gone and out of the picture completely my mother is not too know about the break-up”

There was a deafening silence after my comment and none of us knew what to say after my mention of the break-up. “He must still care about you to be willing to protect you” I looked at Sutton and tried to so hard to keep the tears away.

“But not enough to stay by myside throughout all this Sut, I understand he doesn’t know the whole story and it’s probably my own fault for not telling him everything but I have you two and he knows that. When that first letter turned up he was surprised that I didn’t call you two straight away”

“Why?” Emery questioned

“Because he knows that when it comes to Nathan, I run straight to you two”

“I guess, look we can stay in tonight but we will get you out on a girls night eventually, maybe what you need is to find some hot guy to help distract you” Emery suggested and I agreed knowing I would not be able to get out of it any time soon.


  1. In my experience, there are about six life situations in which you find out who is a true friend or love. Get married (lost lots of friends due to non invites to the wedding) have a baby, get divorced, death, disease or traumatic event. I'm sorry anyone has to experience the let down of people they counted on just jumping ship. Frackin coward.

    1. Thank you for your comment but yes you are correct about the life situations that will help you realise who your true friends are and it does suck.