Sunday, 21 June 2015

Beer, Wine and Scotch

I was sitting in the bay window looking out the window when Spencer returned, I’m just glad Spencer knew the truth and he believed me. I didn’t know what I would do without Spencer by myside.

“I’m surprised”

“Why is that?”

“Emery and Sutton aren’t here” I looked over at him and he had a smirk on his face, I smiled slightly before turning around and looking back out the window

Emery and Sutton were my two best friends from high school, we may have spilt up for college but the idea of moving to the city was something that brought us all back together. Originally the three of us lived together but after a while we decided to move on and get out own places, of course we weren’t that far from each other. We were within walking distance if we had too much to drink one night but then usually we crashed wherever we were.

“I don’t need those two every time something goes bump in the night, that’s what I have you for” I turned and flashed him a smile before getting up heading over to him to grab a slice of pizza

“Is that true now?” he had a smirk on his face as his hands tightly gripped my waist and pulled me against him while he nuzzled my neck.

“The pizza will get cold” I swatted at his arm before making a grab at the pizza box.

“What did the letter say babe?” Spencer spoke as he sat down next to me on the couch and grabbed a slice.

“Just that he was getting out soon and he missed me”

“Getting out of what?” he questioned and I shrugged my shoulders.

I knew exactly who the letter was from, it was Nathan Reid an old boyfriend from high school. It got to the point where I had to have a restraining order put against him but the time frame is over and the restraint is no longer in action but since I haven’t heard or received anything from him since the police had no reason to reissue the restraint. I was just hoping he couldn’t find me in the city.

My mother wasn’t happy with the fact that I broke things of with Nathan, she assumed that Nathan could give me the future I deserved or she thought I deserved. Except I didn’t want that future, Nathan wanted me to skip college and stay at home to support him while he went off and did further study, it wasn’t even at college it was a trade school and I have nothing against those people who do specialize in trades but I didn’t want that life, I wanted my own career.

So when I broke things off with Nathan he became clingy and too attached, I was constantly getting sent random things and packages in the mail or being left in my locker. There was a point where I was starting to get scared for my safety, my dad was the one that said I should go to the police but when I did my mother said I was lying about everything while my dad and I just thought she was in denial.

“He won’t find you” I placed the crust in the box and looked over at Spencer, we had been quiet while eating. It was almost like he was giving me this time to think or he needed to think.

It had taken me a while to open up and tell Spencer the truth about Nathan, he kept questioning why my relationship with my mother was so tense and I just kept brushing it off until one day he came over and walked into the middle of an argument between the two of us, I had no choice after that.

“You don’t know that Spencer, my mother obviously still wants things to work out with him”

“Why does she think you should be with him?”

“Because she wants me to have the life she had, spend time at home with the kids, become an alcoholic, blah, blah blah” I waved my hand as I stood up to head back into the kitchen to grab a glass of wine. “Beer?” I questioned not looking at him.

“You actually have beer?”

“Normally do, I’m surprised you didn’t know that”

“No I did, I thought I drank the last one”


“Last night” I turned and looked at him

“Oh, then no beer sorry”

“It’s fine, I have to be at work early in the morning”

I didn’t say anything as I walked over and made myself comfortable again on the couch and Spencer grabbed my glass, I knew straight away he wasn’t going to like it. It wasn’t the usual stuff I normally kept in the fridge, this was something much sweeter.

“I could have told you that” I spoke in the middle of Spencer coughing on the wine, he shot me a look.

“You said you have to work otherwise I would have asked if you wanted a glass of scotch”

“Oh do you still have that 18 year old” Spencer smiled as he leaned over to kiss me, I rolled my eyes and pushed him away.

Spencer knew he was not allowed to touch my 18 year old scotch, most people found it strange that I drank both wine and scotch but to Spencer it was a part of my appeal. He loved the fact that I would happily drink scotch but most of the time I would stick with a glass of wine especially if I had work in the morning.

I worked as a paralegal at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city, I was at that point where I was trying to decide if I wanted to become a lawyer but I kept coming up short. Staying out of the court room almost meant that people couldn’t bring up Nathan as a reason for me not to be a good enough lawyer.

Spencer worked in finance, in fact that was how we met since Emery worked in finance as well, he tried to hit on her when she first started at the same work place but Emery had a thing against dating co-workers. Spencer agreed and after a couple of weeks of them working together Emery decided to set the two of us up.

Sutton on the other hand worked as a writer at a fashion magazine and both Emery and myself loved it when she brought home free samples for us whether it be clothes, shoes, make-up, jewellery or perfume.

“Come on babe just one more glass…”

“Nope, why don’t you just buy your own bottle instead of always wanting to drink mine?” I smirked at him and he shook his head before leaning over and wrapping an arm around my shoulder before turning on Netflix.

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