Thursday, 2 June 2016

Can I Keep It?

“A puppy, you got me a freaking puppy!” I am slightly embarrassed to admit I squealed while slightly jumping up and down in joy and there was a smug look on Spencer’s face.

“Yes beautiful, I got you a puppy. Do you love him?”

“He’s adorable, thank you.” I kissed his cheek before rushing over to where the poor thing was crying in the make shift pen to pick him up.

I could tell Spencer was pretty proud with himself about this, I’ve been saying for years how I always wanted a puppy but neither of our apartments were allowed pets. It was then my face fell.

“Babe what’s wrong?” Spencer questioned as he came over and wrapped his arms around me.

“I’m not allowed pets in my apartment and I don’t think Alec is willing to take in a puppy of all things, at least you can clean up after yourself.” I smirked at him and he frowned.

I really wanted to keep the puppy, he was freaking adorable. You know those forever puppies? Spencer got me one of those, Golden Cocker Retriever.

I watched as Spencer scratched behind the puppy’s ear and he tried to bite Spencer’s hand and I couldn’t help but laugh, it was so freaking cute and it broke my heart even more knowing I couldn’t keep it.

“This apartment is allowed to have pets, I’ve kept this little guy in here all day while I organised our picnic,” he softly kissed my head before forcing me to turn around and face him. “There’s another reason, why I did all this.”

“What’s that babe?” I looked at him before facing the puppy again giving him the attention he was crying for.

“Move in with me?” I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“You’re bribing me with a puppy!” I scolded him but he just grinned.

“Do you love this apartment, well what you’ve seen of it anyway?”

“It’s beautiful Spence.”

“This apartment is mine Dri, I brought it and I was hoping we could live together, us and our puppy and be a family until we are ready to start a proper family,” I smiled at him before he softly kissed me.

“But I love my apartment and I’ve still got my lease, what would I even do with it?” I frowned at him.

“I know babe, and I will understand if you don’t think we are ready to live together. But if my offer isn’t accepted I will still move in here with the puppy until you are ready.” He kissed my temple and we fell into silence.

I had so much to think about and I was grateful Spencer was giving me the time to think about it, yes we had been dating for a while before we broke up but this time round, we had only just gotten back together. Were we ready for this step?

“I still can’t believe you tried to butter me up with a puppy!” I scolded Spencer again and he just laughed.

“Speaking of the adorable puppy who you already love and I know you don’t want to leave tonight, what are you going to name him?” I shook my head at Spencer’s question.

“I can’t Spence, if for some reason I decided I’m not ready to move in here it will essentially be your puppy.”

“I brought him for you babe, I will take care of him because I love you but he is ours.” My stomach had butterflies at the way he said ours.

“Cooper, I want to name him Cooper.” I placed Cooper back in his pen before wrapping my arms around Spencer’s neck

“Cooper it is then.”

“Thank you I love you, tonight was perfect Spencer,” I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face against his chest.

“I’m glad babe, I tried my hardest to make it perfect for you. You deserve it after everything you’ve been through, as much as I hate it. I know some of that pain is because of me.”

“You’re forgiven for everything Spencer, I can’t hate you for what happened. We both did what we thought was the best thing for us.”

“I’m also talking about the break that I requested.” I pulled away and looked at him, confused as to why he was still worried about that.

“For all we know that London transfer was already in place, it could have been fate that we were meant to have broken up at that time. Maybe we were meant too, for us to realise what we meant to each other.” Spencer only nodded before softly kissing me, it was in that moment that I was worried he was still beating himself up over that.

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  1. Ahh! I just knew it!! Sooo cute, and I love the name Cooper! I actually hope Dri decides to move in with Spencer (and no, not just because of the puppy haha).

    Can't wait to see what happens :)