Monday, 25 January 2016

Fun Filled Weekend

I had escaped the boring conversation Spencer’s younger sister Serena was having with their mother while Spencer had gone off with his dad and Alec. I had no idea where Alec’s parents or even where Spencer’s older brother Jake or sister Kirsten were.

I was standing in the backyard trying to get some air, I didn’t know what to think about the whole fake relationship with Spencer for the weekend it was starting to make me uncomfortable.

A bump on my legs pulled me out of my thoughts and when I turned around I spotted the cutest puppy jumping around, I knelt down and it jumped in my arms to try and lick my face.

“Aw aren’t you the cutest little thing, where did you come from?” I cooed at it while I patted its head trying to calm it down.

I heard a girlish giggle and when I looked up I found Spencer’s niece, Amelia, standing there laughing, I gave her a smile.

“Adrianna what are you doing here?”

“I’m here with Spencer, is this your puppy?”

“His name is Buddy.”

“He’s cute,” she grinned at me again before coming over and sitting beside me.

I haven’t seen Amelia in months and I couldn’t believe how much she has grown, every time she looked at Buddy or even told me a funny story that happened involving him she had the biggest smile on her face.

As much I was regretting the decision to come out here because of Serena and Spencer’s mother seeing Amelia like that put a smile on my face but it wasn’t until Buddy knocked her over and tried to lick her face that caused her to squeal that I laughed at the scene.

“Maybe it’s time you and Dri get a dog,” I looked up at the sound of Jake’s voice and found him and Spencer standing there enjoying the moment.

I stood up and made my way over to greet Jake, “oh I would love nothing more but I’m afraid a husky will be too big for Spencer’s apartment,” I grinned at Jake before turning and pouting at Spencer.

“Then I think it’s time we move so we can buy a house,” Spencer winked at me before wrapping an arm around my shoulder and kissing my head, I looked up and gave him a smile.

“Not just any house.”

“You’re right, it’s got to have a white picket fence,” my smile grew before I turned my gaze back to Amelia and Buddy.

“One would think you two didn’t break up,” I snapped my head around to look at Jake before I pulled away to look at both of them.

“You told him?”

Spencer shrugged in response, “had to start somewhere.”

“Well in that case, I’m going back to Buddy, he gives me more attention than you do.” I winked at him before heading back to where Amelia was but it wasn’t long until her mother called her over and when I turned around Spencer was gone leaving me alone with Jake.

“Why didn’t you go inside with everyone else?” I questioned as I stepped in beside him.

“You know he still loves you, that hasn’t changed.” I wasn’t surprised he ignored my question, in fact I was hoping he didn’t say what he did.

“I know, Alec keeps making comments my way.” I spoke softly while staring at the ground, as much as I wished Spencer told his family the truth I wish it didn’t happen while we were still here.

“Just don’t string him along forever, he will give up at eventually.” Jake spoke before he walked off and headed back inside leaving me to question what he said.

Spencer has been around this long, it made me wonder how long is too long. I knew Spencer hated that I wasn’t his again but he was understanding about the whole Damon and Nathan thing, and until I was over the pain I couldn’t even considering getting back with Spencer.

I couldn’t take it much longer and headed back inside hoping more than anything I can have a drink. It didn’t take me long to spot Kirsten and I stopped at the sight of her, why didn’t anyone tell me she was pregnant?

I rushed over to her and quickly hugged her, “look at you Kirsten, you’re glowing” I smiled at her.

“Thank you Dri, it’s good to see you again and I bet you are pleased to have Spencer back in the city with you.”

“You have no idea, now please tell me there is alcohol somewhere?” I whispered the last part but she just laughed at me.

“Oh no Dri, if I’m not allowed to drink neither are you.”

“But I’m not pregnant,” I pleaded with her but she just laughed again.

“Come on, I think lunch is almost ready and I still have to see my baby brother.”

“He’s not that special, I can’t believe how big Amelia has gotten though.” Kirsten laughed at my comment about Spencer but the smile on her face at the mention of Amelia was enough for me to realise she was incredibly excited about finally being a mother.

“I know right? Why did Jake have to move to Dallas?”

“No clue, what about you, are you and Aiden enjoying Miami?”

As I slowly walked through the house towards the dining room Kirsten was filling me in on how her life has been in Miami with Aiden since I haven’t seen them since her wedding last year.

People always found it weird that Kirsten married at a much older age than compared to Jake but only close friends and family knew the truth. Kirsten first fiancé had been killed in a car crash, in fact it was us talking about losing people in car crashes was what allowed Kirsten to open up to me and be accepting of me in the first place.

Spencer wasn’t one to go out and visit his family regularly, him and his dad got along and usually they would catch up for dinner when his dad came into the city or Spencer would go out and visit him and the two of them would go out golfing.

When Spencer was younger he didn’t really get along with Kirsten but Spencer said college changed her, she mellowed out and wasn’t as demanding and he wished that happened with Serena but it hasn’t yet.

Their mother was demanding, always demanding that they show nothing but out most respect for their family name. They aren’t allowed to bring any shame to the family by their actions and growing up they had very high standards to live up to, not all of which they were able to making their childhood and adolescents sometimes a different time but if it wasn’t for their father it would have been a lot harder.

“Kirsten look at you, you’re huge,” I heard Spencer’s voice and it wasn’t long until Kirsten narrowed her eyes at him and hit him causing me to laugh.

“Don’t be mean Spencer, you’re meant to compliment pregnant women because chances are they already feel like crap and don’t need you to tell them how huge they are.”

“Don’t ever get rid of her Spencer, she will keep you in line and I’m glad you’re home,” Kirsten gave him a hug and I couldn’t help but notice the look he gave me when he replied.

“I don’t plan on it,” Kirsten gave me a smile before leaving the two of us alone.

“Please tell me you found me alcohol?” I pouted at him but all he did was smile.

“Of course but if anyone asks it’s just orange juice.”

“Promise,” I grinned at him as I took a sip of it

“Thank you again for doing this for me,” he wrapped an arm around me before pulling me close and softly kissing my head. I thought it was weird because none of his family were around to watch the scene but I let it go figuring we were both in for a long weekend with his family.

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  1. Spencer is so awesome. I know Dri has a lot to work through about Nathan, but i would be awful if she let Spenser go because she waited too long. Letting Nathan come between them is just giving him power. In my mind it means that Nathan wins against her yet again.