Monday, 18 January 2016


I was sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling when I heard the apartment door open, I didn’t even have a guess as to who would be there since so many of my friends have keys and they have all been checking up on me more regularly since the attack.

It had been a couple of weeks since I woke up in the hospital and I was able to return to work a couple of days ago, I still hadn’t remembered what happened with Nathan and Harvey was doing everything in his power to make sure Nathan couldn’t come near me ever again and I was grateful for his help.

When a stunning bouquet of flowers appeared in my vision I instantly knew it was Spencer checking up on me today, I sat up and looked at him hoping he would believe the small smile on my face.

“Thanks, what are you doing here?” I grabbed the flowers from him to take a good look at them.

It was almost a week after I was released from the hospital that I didn’t feel as paranoid and I felt I could handle being alone again. When I told Spencer this he decided to move back to Alec’s, at first I was hurt but then I realised maybe it was harder on him constantly being around me.

“Checking on you, did you go to work today?” I rolled my eyes at his comment, it was almost like he’s spent too much time with Emery and Sutton.

“Of course, don’t be stupid. You sound like Emery and Sutton, they asked the same question when we broke up.”

“Just making sure, why were you staring at the ceiling?”

“Why not?” I shrugged my shoulders and leaned forward to place the flowers on the table. “Why are you home from work early?”

“Finished early, everything’s still in transition for me coming back to work and my full load isn’t available while I’m casually checking on the branch in London,” he shrugged like it was no big deal.

“That’s fair, I heard back from that apartment I checked out. Someone else got it.” I was in love with the apartment I checked out a couple of days ago, it was a little bit bigger than my one but smaller than Spencer’s.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure you will find something eventually and it’s not like you are getting kicked out here.”

“I know, I just feel like a fresh start is what I need right now,” I looked over at him and I could tell he was overthinking something.

We were both silent for a moment and I looked back at the flowers sitting on the table, Spencer always had the ability of finding the brightest, prettiest flowers of all time. I absolutely loved orchids but I always felt it was strange to spend so much money on flowers. I told Spencer early on in our relationship that sometimes the brightest flowers would make me melt and he didn’t have to spend a fortune on them because I knew after a couple of days they would just wilt and die anyway.

“There’s another reason why I came home early, I need a favour.”

I turned and looked at him with a smirk, he looked a little like he was about to plead with me. “Ah hence the flowers?”

“You got me, Alec and I have to head home for the weekend but I never got around to telling my family we broke up…” I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “I know, it was a stupid move but you know what they’re like, they would have been like if it was meant to be we would have made it through me being in London, I just thought it would be easier and now I don’t feel like telling them the truth because it’ll just cause issues. I know I have to tell them but maybe after this weekend?”


“I know and I’m sorry, I don’t want to put you in this situation and I know you don’t exactly like my family…”

“No I have no problem with your dad or older siblings, it’s your mum and younger sister.”

“Please Dri, I’ll be your friend,” he pleaded me and I rolled my eyes.

We had been getting along a lot better since that first night of me being back here, in fact after that first night we decided it would be better to not share the same bed and it was a couple of days later that he moved back in with Alec.

There were moments where I would panic and hate the fact that I was alone and vulnerable but I needed to get over my fears and my need to always rely on Spencer. A couple of times I’ve called the girls and they’ve instantly come over no questions asked and they were able to ease my concerns about being alone.

“Fine, I need to get out anyway,” I agreed and he looked so happy at the thought

“Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.”

“You owe me Spencer.” I spoke softly as I leaned against him.

Saturday came and even though I agreed to do this for Spencer and even get out of the house I was regretting my decision, I knew if I really wanted out of the house for a weekend Spencer would have let me spend it in the Hamptons, hell if I begged hard enough he would have lied to everyone and tell them he didn’t know where I was but instead I agreed to spend it with Spencer’s family.

“Ready for our day filled with fun Dri,” Alec was turned around in the front seat to face me.

We were currently in Spencer’s car heading out to where his parents lived now, when him and his siblings were younger both his and Alec’s families lived in the city but after they were all in college they moved out to the suburbs to live off their fortunes, every now and then Spencer’s dad would come into the city and check on a various number of things or his mother would come in for shopping but most of the time they stayed out of the city.

“I’m regretting this decision, Spencer you owe me big.” I narrowed my eyes even though Spencer couldn’t see me but Alec could and he gave me a sympathetic look before turning around and looking out the front window.

“Maybe I should have found a fake girlfriend to get my mum off my plate.”

“Maybe you should stop sleeping around so much first Alec” I spoke in a sugary sweet tone and he when he looked at me I flashed him a smile.

“How about I stop sleeping around when you agree to take Spencer back?” he questioned and my faced dropped.

“Alec don’t,” Spencer warned him and he turned back around. “Sorry.” he muttered but I didn’t know who it was directed at. I caught Spencer’s eye in the rear view mirror and there was something written on his face but he didn’t look at me long enough to work it out.

The rest of the drive I ignored Alec and Spencer’s conversation, I didn’t know what to think of Alec’s comment. I knew Spencer still loved me, it was something he said when I woke up in the hospital but we hadn’t spoken about us or any potential relationship and all of that aside I didn’t know what my feelings towards Spencer were, everything was so confusing at the moment.

We finally made it to the house and Alec quickly jumped out of the car before heading inside while I took my time getting out, I didn’t say anything to Spencer but he grabbed my arm to stop me.

“Hey I’m sorry about what Alec said Dri, I didn’t think he would say something like that.”

“It’s fine, it’s partially my own fault. He thinks I’ve been leading you on and I’m at fault here.”

“Dri you know that’s not true, if I really thought you were leading me on why would I stick around? Wouldn’t I leave you alone?”

“Maybe you’re a sucker for punishment,” I smirked at him and he shook his head.

“Maybe I am, why else would I keep you around for this long?” I knew by his tone that he was joking but I was still a little unsure about Alec’s comment and those two were best friends, surely Spencer would have said something to him. “Come on you ready for my family?”

I nodded and linked my fingers with his knowing this was a part of the charade but I couldn’t help but feel the heat coming from his hand as soon as I grabbed it, I gave him a smile and followed him inside.

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