Monday, 26 October 2015

Crashing Down

I couldn’t believe it, the two of them sitting there acting all buddy buddy.

This made me question everything, question my whole relationship with Damon. Did he actually care about me or was I just this big loser to him? Did he know what happened between Nathan and I?

“Adrianna.” Nathan greeted me with a grin on his face and I felt sick to my stomach. There was a moment when I loved that boyish grin on him, but now I hated it. It made me sick to my stomach.

I ignored Nathan and looked at Damon. I desperately hoped that I was reading too much into everything and later on we would laugh about this but the look on his face told me all I needed to know.

I shook my head as I turned and left, hoping I could get away from the both of them. I wanted to head back home to talk this out with Emery and Sutton, but Damon had other ideas.

By the time I reached the street Damon had caught up to me and made a grab for my arm preventing me from leaving.

“Dri hear me out, please.” Damon pleaded but I just stared at him for a moment trying to work everything out.

“Why? So you can say you don’t know him? Obviously you do know him! Obviously you know why I don’t like him otherwise you wouldn’t have looked as shocked as you did when I spotted the two of you!” I yelled at him and then realised we were standing in the middle of the street with people walking. I took a step back to get some air.

I watched as Damon opened and closed his mouth a couple of times. It was then I knew I was right. Damon knew what had happened between Nathan and I, well more like Nathan’s side of the events. I just didn’t know how they knew each other.

“Dri, please.” was all he managed to get out in the end and by this stage Nathan had joined us and clapped Damon on the shoulder.

“Are you that pathetic that you had to get Damon to put himself in my life?” I questioned Nathan but all it did was cause him to smirk at me. I was a little scared about what was going on.

“I wouldn’t say pathetic, more like concerned. I don’t like you living in the city all by yourself without me there to protect you. Do you think Damon is the only person I’ve had inserted into your life?” It felt like everything stopped once Nathan started talking.

When I was younger I believed everything that came out of Nathan’s mouth, all the times he told me he wasn’t cheating, that he did love me, that he wanted what was best for me and as much as I hated admitting this, that Emery and Sutton were bad influences on me.

There was a moment where everything came crashing down and I no longer believed the things that came out of his mouth but in this moment, the way he was looking at me and the way it sounded almost made me believe he was telling the truth.

“I don’t believe you.” I finally hissed out and Nathan shook his head.

“Adrianna, just talk to Spencer. Come on Damon we need to go.” Nathan gave Damon a slight shove towards the line of cars, leaving me standing there on the side of the street completely shocked. I didn’t know what to think or believe.

My mind flashed back to the first time I saw Spencer truly mad. It was actually pretty terrifying. It made me question his personality and wonder if what I was seeing was truly him. Up until that moment things had been sweet, caring and perfect but at that moment I was terrified.

I can’t even remember what caused Spencer to snap, all I know was that I wasn’t at fault but I what I do remember was questioning if that was truly him or if what I had seen up until that point was actually Spencer, because his family didn’t seem surprised by his outburst.

Was Nathan right? Did he place Spencer in my life to get closer to me? Is that why I wondered why Spencer’s anger didn’t seem to suit the person I had gotten to know before that point in time?

All I knew was that I needed to go home and talk to Emery and Sutton. I needed to ask Spencer about this and I definitely needed to talk to Lee about the conversation I had earlier with my mother.


  1. This has gotten wild! How can Dri trust anyone anymore? Could Dri and Spencer really survive a year long relationship without her finding out he was manipulating the relationship for Nathan? Why would he get so upset about Nathan being around at her party? This is getting confusing. Definitely need some posts to clarify.

    -Anna Graham

  2. I'm terribly confused. I'll have to go back and re-read posts, but I was under the impression that Nathan forced himself on Dri at a party and that they didn't know each other too well prior to that? I don't believe that Spencer could be involved. We need a bonus post.

    1. Dri and Nathan used to date when they were in high school. There is a post that shows when they first met. I apologise if my writing made it come across that way

    2. Dri and Nathan used to date when they were in high school. There is a post that shows when they first met. I apologise if my writing made it come across that way

    3. Dri and Nathan used to date when they were in high school. There is a post that shows when they first met. I apologise if my writing made it come across that way

    4. No need to apologize, I probably have just been mis-remembering it!

  3. I hope this means that Damon is gone. I don;t believe Nathan about Spencer (or, at least I don't want to.) I really hope Dri can excise Nathan from her life. He is a creepy stalker.

  4. I hope Damon can see that Nathan is the liar, not Dri. Idk why I still have faith in him, but I do!

  5. OMG- Great post- and sooooo creepy. I really hope Spencer was not another 'plant' in Dri's life.
    And Dang! Nathan has a lot of free time on his hands to meddle in Dri's life as much as he does, lol.

  6. Well now Spencer needs to come back and help her get Damon and Nathan out of her life. I hope there is nothing Damon can say that makes Dri believe or want him.