Sunday, 17 April 2016

Regret (Lee's POV)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have no valid reasons aside from lack of time and writers block. At this point in time I cannot guarantee to have a post ready every week, I will try to post when I can but ever since returning home I finally have a full time job doing something I love and it's taking all my time at the moment.

I felt like the worst sister in the world, I haven’t spoken to Dri since before Christmas and we have never gone this long without speaking, even when she was college.

At the time I honestly thought I was doing the right thing, I thought us not taking the holiday Spencer had given us was the right thing to do. I thought us staying here in the country in case mum needed us was the right thing, I didn’t know how quickly her cancer would progress and I didn’t want her to be here alone when it did.

Except our mum didn’t need us, she was still hiding out in our big house drinking like nothing had changed. I’ve spoken to her a couple of times and some of which she was drunk, there was a large part of me hoping that she would take the cancer as a sign she needs to stop drinking but she never did and it broke my heart.

I spoke to mum just yesterday and she made mention of how Nathan was going to jail, I remembered him to be Dri’s high school boyfriend. I remember over hearing conversations that I shouldn’t have, I remember the warnings Dri always gave me when it came to boys. The older I got the more information I got but it wasn’t until yesterday when she was drunk on the phone that it all came out and she, well that shocked me she was actually in hysterics about it.

I tried to call Emery when I landed in the city but she wouldn’t answer, my next call was Sutton because I had no idea if Dri would answer my phone call or not and if she did, I don’t think this was a conversation to be had over the phone.

I didn’t know Dri had moved, no one had told me. It wasn’t until I spoke to Sutton and explained what was going on she told me about the move but not why Dri moved.

I was confused because last I heard Dri was living in Spencer’s apartment while Spencer was in London, had something changed that I haven’t been told about?

I stood there patiently as I waited for the door to open and I was shocked to see Spencer on the other side in a tux no less.

“Fancy see you here, who knew you looked so good in a tux Spence?” I teased him but I frowned when I didn’t see the usual smile when I did.

“What are you doing here Lee?”

“I’m not allowed to visit my sister?” I continued to frown at him but he stepped aside to let me in.

“I didn’t say that Lee, last I heard you two weren’t talking because Dri wanted to go to Italy while you didn’t. Why are you here now?”

“I’ve heard some interesting stories from our mum about Nathan.”

“What about Nathan?” I looked over at where the voice came from and my heart broke at the sight of my sister, it was obvious she had been crying and if I was a better sister I would know what was going in her life right now.

“I should probably call Alec and then I’m going to take a shower, are you sure you’re alright?” Spencer questioned Dri and at first she didn’t answer and it made me question what happened moments before I arrived.

“You should call Alec and let him know we’re alright.” Dri spoke softly before heading out of the hallway and I couldn’t help but follow her but Spencer grabbed my arm to stop me.

“A lot has happened in the time you two haven’t been talking, I’m pretty sure there is stuff she hasn’t told you so please take it easy on her. I don’t know how much more she can take Lee.” I nodded at him and he headed in the other direction to call Alec while I headed to where I saw Dri go.

“What are you doing here Lee?” Dri questioned when she saw me entered the living room

“A lot of reasons but what has been going on with you? I didn’t even know Spencer was back in the city.” I walked over and took a seat beside her on the couch.

“He’s been back for a while Lee.” I was shocked, I couldn’t believe this was kept me from me but then again I suppose after everything that has been kept from me I do believe it. Technically I was never told that her and Damon broke up, that was Ariana that told me because she heard from Damon. We weren’t given a reason, just told they had broken up.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because there was so much more going on, why don’t you tell me why you are here first?”

I looked away from Dri, I was unaware of how many secrets there were in my family until yesterday when my mum was drunk and in hysterics on the phone to me. Everything came spilling out and I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want to.

“I missed you, I hate that we haven’t been talking but after talking to mum yesterday I realised just how many secrets our families has.”

“You can’t honestly believe what she was saying?” she scoffed at me.

“Really? Because she told the truth about her having cancer, why can’t she be telling the truth now? Why can’t she realise that she has made mistakes and she wants to fix them now?” I pleaded with Dri hoping she would believe me.

“Fine, what did she tell you?”

“That Nathan is going to jail, that he raped and beat you while you two were dating, you and dad were on the way home from the police station after reporting all of it and that’s how dad died, that you spent months in therapy after the first trial.”

I watched as my sister’s eyes welled up and I wanted nothing more than to comfort her but I wanted the truth. “Why did she tell you those things?”

“I don’t know, she was drunk and hysterical. I couldn’t even get explanations out of her, she just kept going and going until she fell asleep on the phone. Is it true?” I questioned and she nodded at me.

“When it all started you were so young Lee, I didn’t see the point in telling you this. Our mother wouldn’t even believe me, what was I meant to do? I had no idea if you would believe me or her, she believed Nathan to be some kind of saint. Do you know how she knows?”

“She said it was the talk of our home town.”

“Well at least he didn’t contact her, there is a restraining order against him for our whole family. Nathan can’t talk to any of you without having his sentence increased.”

“What’s been going on Dri? I deserve to know, I’m not young anymore. I’m old enough to understand everything, I deserve to know what essentially ruined the relationship between you and mum.”

I watched as she was silent, it was obvious she was struggling to decide whether or not she wanted to tell me and it wasn’t until the tears fell that I realised how bad it must have been.

I sat there in silence as she told me everything, I couldn’t believe everything had happened between her and Nathan, how Damon was linked to it all and why they essentially broke up and it made me cautious of my friendship with Ariana.

Spencer never showed himself again for the night as Dri and I sat there on the couch and talked for who knows how long until we decided it was getting late and we should get some sleep.

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